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Emma Approved is a multi-platform series based on Emma, a novel by Jane Austen.
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
The series is developed by Bernie Su.

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Emma Approved is a modernized adaptation of Emma, a novel by Jane Austen. It is a Pemberley Digital Project, a company founded by Hank Green and Bernie Su.
Emma Approved is developed by Bernie Su.

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Jane Fairfax --Tyra Colar
Frank Churchill - Stephen Chang -

Executive Producer - Bernie Su -
Executive Producer - Hank Green -
Producer - Tracy Bitterolf -
Director - Bernie Su -
Writer - Bernie Su -
Cinematography - Cody Bonsignore
Editor - Sam Mollo
Story Editor - Tamara Krinsky -
Transmedia Producer - Alexandra Edwards -
Transmedia Editor - Angelique Hanus -
Assistant Director - Hannah Queiroz
Script Supervisor - Ana Avila -
Production Designer - Katie Moest -
Art Direction - Adam Levermore -
Stylist - Jessica Snyder -
Makeup - Jennifer Jackson
Sound Mixer/Boom - Neno Stevens
Gaffer - Adrian Pacheco - -
Social Media Manager - Christina Cooper -
Post Production Coordinator - Brennan Barsell
Development Assistant - Ariana Nedelman

Jane: Mr. Churchill! 

Frank: Ms. Fairfax!

Jane: Can I help you with something?

Frank: Yes, I  am here to ask you some questions.

Jane: Okay.

Frank: No I mean, questions from the Emma Approved readers.

Jane: Oh I told Emma already-

Frank: OH you don't need to worry, Jane Fairfax, I, Frank Churchill, will be your humble guide to carry you across this raging river. 

Jane: Raging river of questions?

Frank: You should see these. Let us begin. From lilianrose11 on Twitter. What is your favorite part of working for non-profits? (0:35)

Jane: What's her Twitter handle again?

Frank: Such an office. On camera, Jane, share this with the world. 

Jane: Knowing that you're truly helping those in need and making the world a better place. And even though I'm just one person, no one can do everything but everyone can do something.

Frank: That is a great motto, Ms. Fairfax.

Jane: Thank you, Mr. Churchill.

Frank: From O'Reilly on Twitter, oh really? How was your time in England and what was your best memory?

Jane: Oh it was lovely. I really enjoyed running along the South Bank in London.

Frank: That was your best memory?

Jane: Yes.

Frank: Nothing... else? 

Jane: (laughs) Nope. I like running.

Frank: (breathes in) Who doesn't?

Frank: (inhales) From aeh440 on Twitter: How was the ride share with Alex Knightley?

Jane: Oh it was great.

Frank: How was it great? 

Jane:  He has... a nice selection of music.

Frank: That's it?

Jane: I don't understand that this question has anything with what we do here.

Frank: From Samantha N. on Facebook: What do you think of Frank Churchill?

Jane: Mr. Churchill is an enthusiastic, dynamic leader with a real thirst for positive change.

Frank: Dynamic, I like that. Dynamic... yeah. (2:09) From geekyballerina on Twitter: Whose idea was it to film this video?

Jane: Emma Woodhouse.

Frank: And Frank Churchill.

Jane: This was your idea too?

Frank: Great minds think alike.

Jane: Next question.

Frank: From Catherine U. on Facebook: Tea or coffee?

Jane: Tea. It's soothing.

Frank: It's flavored hot water.

Jane: Coffee is technically that too.

Frank: Coffee is bold. Coffee is strong. Coffee is exciting. Ah. From Monique O. on Facebook: What do you look for- What was that?

Jane: I think it's time to get back to work. 

Frank: Oh I see how it is.

Jane: Yes. Have a nice stay Mr. Churchill, thank you.

Frank: Always a pleasure, Ms. Fairfax. Always a pleasure.