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We’re launching a new show next week and are very excited to share it with you! Scatterbrained is a variety show that explores one topic from a number of angles. It’ll include some familiar segments, such as a big question, a list of facts, or some misconceptions and introduce some new ones too.

Featuring John Green, Becca Scott, Mike Rugnetta, Dani Fernandez, and more! Check back in next Wednesday for our first episode on the Olympics.

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John Green: 

Hi, I'm John Green, and this is Mental Floss vi-- Wait a second, where's my salon? Where's the fireplace? Why is there a bear head in the background? And, most importantly, why are there no gumballs in that gumball machine? Everyone calm down, it's going to be fine. First off, we will eventually put gumballs in that gumball machine. I don't know when, but someday.

So, we've been bringing you the List Show here at Mental Floss Video since 2013. Along the way, you'd also learn the answers to some big questions, we've busted a bunch of misconceptions. But, it's been almost five years, and we think it's time for a change.

Becca Scott:

Hey there, I'm Becca, and welcome to Scatterbrained. This new show is going to give you the opportunity to meet new hosts like myself, and we're going to bring you all kinds of new segments. We're going to tell you some short stories, we're going to delve into scientific studies, and we're going to examine timelines for a bit of historical insight.

Mike Rugnetta:

Hi, I'm Mike. But, don't worry, we're still going to bring you all of those mind blowing facts that you love, plus we'll incorporate a list, big question, and misconceptions from time to time. Maybe even a life hack or two, if you're good.

Dani Fernandez:

Hi, I'm Dani. Stay tune for our first episode, which will be released on January 31st. And, you can expect two videos a month throughout 2018. Make sure you're subscribed to the Mental Floss Video Channel, so you don't miss it. And, hey, you might even consider clicking the bell button, so you get a notification.

John Green:

Thanks for watching, please send us gumballs, and, as we say in my home town, don't forget to be awesome. We'll see you soon.

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