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John and Chris run a fitness trail at a local park and return to Fire Eye Fitness for a brutal bootcamp workout with Remi, the greatest dog in the world.

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John: This is fricking hard.
Remi: Yes, that's why we do it.
[John laughs]
Remi: If anything we do doesn't seem that difficult for you, then you're doing it wrong.
John: Ok.

 Day 17

Healthcare Professional: Come on, Chris. How you doing? Hows-- Where's that thumbs at? Still good? Very good. Let's go. Work for it.

Day 17 was a Wednesday, and a self-directed exercise day. And, Chris got in an excellent workout, because he had to do a stress test.

Healthcare Professional:Very good! You can step off of there, have a seat. We'll get you some towels and some water. 

Fortunately, it went well. He's very healthy. His resting pulse is low, because, you know, he's fit. On the downside, Chris is doing a terrible job of photographing his food, and I'm not doing that great. But, I do have some pictures from this day. Like, I ate these tortilla chips, and a sandwich and strawberries, and soup with cauliflower. But, I also ate some granola bars that I didn't take a picture of.

 Day 18

Day 18 meant another workout with Laura, but this time she took us to a local park that has a path with obstacles along it. And, she had us run the loop and stop at every obstacle for a different exercise.

Laura: Hard or not hard?
John: Hard.
[Laura laughs]
Chris: Back's a little sore.

Chris's back was acting up from the start, but he pushed through. I wasn't experiencing any physical pain, I just wasn't that psyched about exercising. After a little warm-up, we launched into chin-ups. My face right there is when Laura told me that I'd only been holding that for 12 seconds. Who knew that 12 seconds could feel like 45 minutes?

Then, we did these high legs and high knees, which is a good opportunity for me to show off my sweet argyle gym socks. 

John: You guys like my socks today?

And, of course, Laura brought our favorite workout bands to the park. Suprisingly, we didn't get any funny looks while we were doing these back-to-back wall-sits or these weird reverse sit-ups. This was about when I started to wonder whether any of this equipment had ever been cleaned.

Laura: We don't need a gym to workout!

One thing I've noticed about Laura, no matter where we go, she always finds a way to make us do pushups. 

John: Everything just jiggles when I did it.
I hate height crap. Why is there so much height crap in 100 Days?

Monkey bars were a new one though. We didn't quite master them. Specifically, I could not make it through one monkey bar. That said, overall, this was a pretty fun workout. It's hard to beat running around the park with your best friend, and plus I now have a new appreciation for my kids when they do the monkey bars.