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Observe a number of times Katherine (as Luigi) has died while playing Super Mario Bros Wii.

Edited by Made of Awesome Kerri: Check her out!

Intro by Michael Aranda:
(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank: Oh, it's so easy though. Except for that.

H: Why do you need to b...
Katherine: Jerk!

Michael: Oh.
K: Oh god!
H: Oh, too many people!

H: One person at a time.
M: I'm gonna hang back.
H: Yeah.
K: Oh!

M: Hrhrhrhr.
K: Oh.

K: That's too bad.
H: Wow. That thing just fell off the edge.
K: Oh s**t!

M: Oh!
H: Where's the last one?
M: Oh!
H: Oh!
K: Oh!
H: Oh!
K: Ah!

K: Now they're coming this direction! Going so much faster! Oh!

K: Just thinking about...
M: Tim, Tim, Tim.

K: Ah!

H: Sonafahmm. Aww.
K: Awesome.

H: Jésus.

K: Why are you waiting?

K: Oh! Me too!

H: Hmmnmmnmmnah.

M: Uh! Uh!
K: Oh trouble! Oh Toad!
M: Uh! Uh!
K: Toad's big head!

K: Frick. Oh no!

K: Woo! Woo!
H: Nice
K: Oh no!

H: I wonder what Pete's mother's really...
K: No! No! No! No! Oh my god!

H: Oh!

K: This is dangerous. Yep.
H: It was. It was dangerous and you died.

K: Oh.


H: It looks like a bunch of freaking oranges.

H: I don't understand.
K: And it turned out to not be the case.

M: ...second.
H: I'm just gonna stay on the top.

H: Dah! What?!

K: Just jump straight up! Stay in one place!

H: Oh.
K: No! No! No! No! Wow! Wow! Oh!


M: I got a Goomba in the mouth.

H: Aw.

H: I died.
K: No, pipe nuggets.

K: Oh.

M: Wohoho.

H: Got one.

K: Hey everyone. No!

M: Why don't I show you the ropes?
K: Aw.

H: The bubbles.
K: I died.

H: Do that.
K: Aw.

M: N-n-n-n-na.
K: Damn it.
M: N-n-n-n-n.

H: I died. I got hit.

K: I know we went... oh!

H: Ohohoooh!
K: Oooooh!

H: Nyouga...

K: Oh boy.

H: Maybe...
K: Oh darn it!

K: Please come back!
H: I don't know how?

K: Oh!

H: ...supposed to be doing?

H: Oh no.

H: Um...

H: But you can't without a Yoshi.

K: you too. Oh, son of a...

K: Oh, son of a...

K: Wow.

K: ...appear. I thought...

K: Oh man! I jumped on your face!

H: ...brand, the brand names. Perfectly...
K: Oh nuggets.

M: The caterpillar...
K: No!