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Today we're celebrating everybody's favourite holiday - June Christmas. Which, in case you missed it, is something Jimmy invented about a week ago.

We finally get to put the donut on our tree, dive into some lingerie stockings, and open presents.

Also, we play a festive round of Feature Tombola.

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Charlie & Jimmy
Charlie: Good Morning, I'm Charlie.

Jimmy: And I'm Jimmy

C: And today,
Both: it's June Christmas! 

C: Also it's Cereal Time.

(Intro with Christmas tune)

J: It's finally here people, June Christmas Day. To say I'm excited is an understatement. We've got the traditional donut for the top of the June Christmas tree. I'll go and pop that on.

C: Always got to put the donut on. There we go, come on, that's it, lovely.

J: Perfect.

C: Perfect.

J: There's no cards today because it's June Christmas, we're just going to make it up.

C: Yeah just going to have a fun time.

J: A fun Christmas time.

C: We both have presents