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Dave and Katherine and I were packing posters all day because we just got the 2000 signed "Little Infinity" posters those should start arriving next week!

SciShow Mugs:
Everything is Dead:
Brain Scoop Posters:
Hank: Here I am at the DFTBA warehouse in Missoula, Montana! Katherine and I and Dave have been packing up poster tubes all day. This is the stack of unlabeled ones that aren't ready to go out yet. And then in there, you'll see over here--whooooa--a bunch. These are all ready to go. And those two, as well. And there's Dave.

Dave: Hello.

Hank: We got several new items in today. How are you doing, Katherine?

Katherine: Fine, how are you doing

Hank: How's the poster...stabbing going?

Katherine: Fine.

Hank: There are two thousand of these so that's a lot. This is the poster section, by the way. All the posters are back on that rack. CD's and buttons and stickers and other miscellanea are on that table. And then obviously the t-shirts take up the most space, but! Back here, we've got SciShow mugs--that doesn't look like anything. SciShow mugs! I'm excited about those. They're for sale now at This is the palette of poster tubes, it's just an insane number. We got! These aren't online yet, but we just got the Evening of Awesome excess shirts, so there aren't very--very many of these, but we have extra Evening of Awesome shirts. The problem is, I think they are all large. I don't know who decided to make them all large, but every one of these shirts is large, so...sorry about that! We also got the "Everything Is Dead" shirts for The Brain Scoop so those have also arrived.

Hank: I've got to take some of these home and put them on my wall. I'm takin' some. I'm takin' one of each. I can do that.