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This week's questions:
1:50 Are zero calorie food really a thing? What could a person that really hates to exercise, but wants to lose a weight do to do so?
4:13 My dentist wishes to sell me a $140 smartphone-connected electric toothbrush. How much better are the high-end toothbrushes compared to the $20 electric toothbrushes?
PS she is selling it so I have zero faith in her objectivity on the topic.
6:00 Are there benefits to getting the HPV vaccine to men above 30 years old?
7:14 The HPV vaccine has added several more strains since I had it. (I had a relatively early version.) Why isn't it recommended that I get the new vaccine for additional coverage?
8:03 My friend thinks that sunscreen has dangers and you should only use it as necessary. I don't know of any "dangers" and she just says "chemicals" in response. Are there any legitimate safety concerns about sunscreen?
11:11 One of the significant challenges with pay-for-performance models seems to be measuring the quality of outcomes. What specific things about how the U.S. healthcare system assesses and reports quality would you like to see improved in 2017?
13:00 Hey Aaron long time listener. First time questioner. Are you aware of any research on stimulation of alpha EEG waves? Alpha waves are indeed associated with relaxation but inducing them with tech?
14:02 What medical TV show do you think most accurately shows what life as a doctor is like?
16:09 We have one family member who seems very wary of using a microwave for vague (and seemingly unscientific) "safety" reasons. Specifically, they do not like to ever have a plastic container in the microwave. They will use glass or ceramic only. I have seen them actually reject and throw out food if it was heated in tupperware. Now, I'm not talking about disposable cheap plastic take-out containers that will /melt/ in a microwave... what about solid, microwave-safe plastic products like bowls or storage tubs? Is there any research on whether they do or do not "taint" food in any way if they are heated in a microwave? I can't see how this is a valid concern.
18:32 Is the practice of doctors allowing patients to see their notes on patient portals a good/bad idea? Does it encourage patients to be more involved with their own health?
20:49 Would getting two doses of the flu vaccine increase the likelihood of immunity? (I ask because I was unlucky and got the flu despite being vaccinated. It sucked!)
21:45 What is your opinion of HHS nom Tom Price?
23:02 are childhood allergies on the rise? if so, what is the suspected cause?
24:55 Is belly fat only associated with health problems or is it causal? Also, why is belly fat so stubborn?
26:00 Can you comment on why so many of your HCT news videos come from JAMA? There are many other high quality journals out there but your videos are disproportionately from JAMA.
27:54 As they talk about O-care repeal, can you tell me what the libertarian/Republican "answer(s)" for us with chronic, manageable, very expensive conditions? High-risk pools? Charity? Just die?
30:09 Does your body have an insulin response to things that taste sweet that aren't actual sugar or artificial sweeteners?
30:50 I plan to do couch to 5K this year. How important is stretching before or after jogging?
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