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Hello, it's Hank. I just wanted to let you know that I'm panicking, a little bit. Hahaha, I have two videos going live tomorrow: one on SciShow, one on Vlogbrothers that are maybe going to make people angry with me and I don't like it when people don't like me. I don't know if you know that about me, but I like to make things that everyone will like. But, two things have happened that makes me want to make these videos:

1, the one on SciShow, YouTube asked us to make a playlist for international skeptics day. And I totally wanted to do that, so we're gonna do that, and I made a video introducing that playlist and so what that means is that I'm talking about the fact that I like to believe in things that I know are true and I believe that truth is objective, and that it is a worthwhile pursuit to try and capture as much of it as we can. And I try to not be too in-people's-face about this, like, you know, I would have a good time making a video about astrology and about how I don't understand how the relative position of the sun in relationship to arbitrarily defined groups of stars that aren't anywhere near each other because space is three-dimensional. Aaahhhh, sorry, astrology people, but I can not reconcile my worldview to that. But that's not what it's about, I mean, that's, it's Hankschannel now you can't- unfiltered here. But I wouldn't do that on SciShow or on Vlogbrothers, um, and, and so I, eeyeah, mmf. But some of the videos in the playlist are definitely more in your face, and I worry about that, and I worry about, y'know, my views are certainly- like, we're all gonna have incompatible views with each other, uh, but I don't, I don't, y'know, we can argue, we can discuss, but y'know, there's this thing where I feel like if you disagree on certain topics, or enough topics, then people start to just sort of despise each other, and I want to avoid that as much as possible, and I, and so- I worry about doing these more controversial things, like a video about skepticism. Um, but obviously, I mean, I'm doing SciShow. Like, what do you think? I don't believe in astrology, yo. Hahaha, that's- I hope you're not surprised.

Um, the other, uh, the other video I'm doing is for Vlogbrothers, and it's a video that I've wanted to do for ages, and I finally, just, I've been writing it, and rewriting it, and I have finally just broke down, and I had all kinds of ideas, and I finally just did it, got it out of my head. Gotta clear out the brain-crack, Hank. And, uh, it's about human sexuality and gender roles and gender identity and sexual orientation and sexual behavior and all that stuff, and that is super super scary-dangerous ground! 1, because people can get really angry on both sides of that; social justice people can be really particular and so I have been trying very hard to make sure that I, y'know, portray all of this stuff in the current, accepted, sociological way, and so I've had to learn a lot about it, but basically, what I'm looking at is a world in which people don't understand how their own bodies are supposed to work and how their own minds work. And when you live in a world that says there are particular little boxes that all people should fall into, and if you are a girl, then you like boys, and if you're a boy then you like girls, and if you feel like you don't fit into that, and you've been told that everyone should, or they're broken, then you hate yourself, and I want to do everything that I can to keep people from hating themselves, because that is terrible, and it makes me very sad. So, that's, I had to do it, despite the fact that I'm going- from both sides, I feel like I'm gonna get in trouble, for one reason or another, because there are a lot of people who do honestly believe that homosexuality is not ok, and a person is the gender they are born with no matter what, and there are only male and female and that is how it works, and if that's not true, then something's wrong, and let's fix it! Fix, fix, fix. We can fix homosexuality. And there are people who believe that, uh, y'know, their religion says that if you are one of those ways, then you need to not be that way, because otherwise, y'know, you will burn for all eternity, and they don't want you to burn for all eternity! It's so weird.

But, yeah, so I'm worried about that, and I wanted to let people know, I just wanted to say it out loud, that, like, this is scary for me, and I'm not gonna be able to respond to anything tomorrow, because I'm going to be filming Sci- I, like, five episodes of SciShow tomorrow, um, I'm going out of town for a little bit, so I have to backlog, and ahhhhhh. It's scary. It's scary to have this big of an audience, and to, y'know, to know that it's totally possible that you can mess this up, and say something really wrong, um, and make a lot of people upset, and so I was glad to have some people help me out on Tumblr today, you know, making sure that all my facts were straight. But, in the end, um, I feel like, and I hope that you feel like, the goal of all of this is for me to be me, and to talk about the things that matter to me, that I care about, and that I'm interested in. And these are two topics that I've wanted to discuss for a while, that I haven't been- like, that I've been afraid to, and I don't think that I should, y'know, be, I think that I should be careful, I think that I should be thoughtful, but I don't think that I should be afraid. I think that I should- and maybe I should let that fear inspire me to be more thoughtful, and be- and that's fine, like, I want that. I want to be, I want, I want the pressure of the, y'know, the voice that I have to encourage me to be more thoughtful and to make better content, and so, that's great, but I can't let it hold me back from making content that I want to make. I just have to let it make me make good content.

So, that's just something I wanted to share, and if you completely disagree with me, if you are just like, if you're an astrologer, and you're so super upset with me right now, um, I'm sorry, but let's disagree and still like each other, because that happens all the time. I have lots of really good friends who go to astrologers, and tell me all about what they learned about themselves. And honestly, I think that there is a place for, for, y'know, that kind of discussion that you have. I don't think that there's, y'know, any actual connection between where the sun is and when they were born, but it's nice, I think that astrologers, many of them are just good listeners and help people, um, I just wish that they didn't base it on this thing that doesn't seem real to me. Anyway, tangent! I hope that- I probably shouldn't have gone there, but I did! Hankschannel, enjoy. So, you will not see me, and I will not see you, that's not true, that's Hankgames. How do I end these? I don't know. Thanks for watching, and I appreciate everyone's support, uhh, in this time of need! Huuhuuhuu, uh, but I hope you are looking forward to the videos, and they'll be up tomorrow, if not earlier than that. The skeptic one might go up late tonight. So, byeyee.