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(The Warehouse Intro)

Hey there guys, I'm Matthew Gaydos and welcome to The Warehouse - the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you.

First up I want to answer a bunch of your guys questions because I read every comment you guys leave on The Warehouse videos and a lot of you guys have been wondering a lot of the same things so I'm going to go ahead and answer them in sort of a 'Frequently Asked Questions Commenty Type Thing'. Here you go.

How many people work in the Warehouse?
Well we have two full time employees - myself and Dave the Warehouse manager but we also have a number of part time employees who come in throughout the week to help out and sometimes when there's things like Story War or the TFIOS audio book, we need temp workers to come in and help out because you guys just order a lot of stuff.

Where is my Lizzie Bennet DVD?
That is a fantastic question that a lot of you guys have been asking me in the comments and I will have an official answer for you next week. Not today though. Sorry.

Is DFTBA going to release more things on vinyl?
Probably not is the short answer to that. We do have one release currently on vinyl and that is Alex Day's Soup Sessions but vinyl is very expensive to make and it's just not in a very high demand. And if you'd like a more thorough professional answer to this question, Alan Lastufka himself actually posted a blog not too long ago answering this very question and he gives all of the reasons that we don't really carry more vinyl. So I will put the link to that blog post down in the flap.

You showed us the life of an order but what about posters?
Well there are three different sizes of poster. So first we have to pick out the correct size tube for the order that you placed and for those of you guys who order a bunch of posters at once, we have a slightly bigger tube. And then for you guys who order like 10 or more posters we have an even larger tube to fulfill your order.

What are the most popular orders?
Most popular shirt.  Most popular poster. Most popular CD's.

How many orders do you handle daily?
Well this varies a lot day-to-day based on new items and special promotions and Kickstarter stuff and all of that. But we have had days where we've sent out 2000 items in one day, but on the average its probably more like 100-200 orders a day.

What is your favorite product?
I don't really have one clear favorite product but some of my favorite shirts that we sell are the Wheaton's Law shirt and the Corn dog shirt and this here Mike Falzone shirt. And then some of my favorite CD's are Chameleon Circuit and Driftless Pony Club and Mike Falzone and Meghan Tonjes and the list goes on and on. I work for a pretty cool company, so I like pretty much everything we make.

How does the signing work?
This also varies based on the people that are doing the signing. When it comes to Hank or Michael or even Alex Day when he came and visited, they came and signed their things in the warehouse. They sit down for a few hours and sign thousands of things. When it comes to people like John Green or Mike Falzone or Rhett and Link, their products are shipped to their home or office, they do all of their signing of all of the thousands of things, they ship it back to us and we ship it out to you.

Where is my order? When will my order arrive? I ordered a thing but the thing said I didn't order a thing?
All right so a lot of you guys have been asking me questions like this in the comments and unfortunately, I'm not the Customer Service person so I can't really help you out with these issues. The first thing you should do if you have a problem like this is go to We have a frequently asked questions section and you can check there to see if the answer to your question has already been answered. And then, if your answer is not on that page, or you have a question that is more specific to your order, our customer service email is So that is what you can contact with those types of questions that are not already answered on our frequently asked questions page.

What does the warehouse smell like?
Well, I don't think the Warehouse really has a smell but if we're discussing the smell of the channel itself, I would say we at least smell better than The Brain Scoop.

Why does it cost so much or take so much time to ship my product internationally?
Well unfortunately this is one of those things that we have very little control over. When your order comes in, unless its a pre-order or something like that, it's packaged and shipped out the very next business day, so beyond that, we don't really have much control as to when the postman gets it to your door.

Can you have a 'Nerdfighter fan art of the week' section?
I like this idea. It may not be a weekly thing because I may forget but I will definitely keep my eye peeled on Tumblr and find some of my favorites and post them here. My pic this week comes from Clarateral who made this really, really, really cool - that's a lot of really's but its that cool - Night Vale TFiOS mashup thing that I really like.

I have an idea for a new product, new product style or a way I think the website can be better.
First of all I will say that we always welcome new suggestions whether they come through Twitter or in the comments below or on Tumblr and I know that people in charge of all the decisions read those things and I share them with them. People are reading your things. And if there is a strong demand for something then it will probably be a thing later on. We definitely read your comments and take everything into consideration.

Speaking of ideas for new merchandise, here is New Merch News. A while back I asked you guys for merchandise suggestions for things that we did not already sell on and overwhelmingly the most popular suggestion was iPhone cases. So I am here to tell you that we took your thoughts into consideration and we now have iPhone cases. We have this TFIOS inspired cloud design with the "okay? okay." and we also have the DFTBA design so that now you can remind yourself and your friends everyday what you're not supposed to forget to do. And these are made to fit the iPhone 5 or the newly released iPhone 5s.

We also have a couple of new t-shirt pre-orders for you guys this week. Due to popular demand after this Wil Wheaton poster came out, a lot of you guys wanted to see it on a t-shirt so boom, its a t-shirt now. Also up this week is the pre-order for Lauren Fairweather's shirt 'My Muggle Friends Just Don't Understand'. So all of these items are available right now for pre-order on and they're all expected to ship in mid October.

And one last thing for this week guys. Fans of The Brain Scoop get excited. Michael Aranda has just released The Brain Scoop Season 1 Soundtrack over on his Bandcamp page. It is available right now as a digital-only release and with Bandcamp its $7 or you can pay more than that if you want because that's how Bandcamp works. So I figured you Brain Scoop fans would enjoy that and go check out that out as well today.

Well that does it for this week guys. Don't forget to leave your questions, comments and favorite Pop-Tart flavor down in the comments below. As always, all of the links to everything I talked about today will be down in the flap and remember you guys can always find me on my channel at or hit me up for a chat on Twitter @MatthewGaydos. And as always, don't forget to be awesome.