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We're back! Its 9:17 in the morning and believe it or not it's still day one of the Project for Awesome... uhhmm... yes, it is, it's true, it's true we have two hours left of day one.Then we go on to day two.
Uhhm... pretty... uhhm... pretty excited, hold on I've gotta retweet... the fault... uhhm... the fault in our stars the movie poster. Because that just... that just is a thing, that is on the BuzzFeed. Right now.

I'm on a different computer and the scroll is backwards.
*computer begins to play the stream with full audio* ohhh, ohhh god... it now...ohhh god, ohhh god. ohhh it's the double noise, that is gonna be the worst sound in the world, okay.
Hi again, hello my name is John Green, i am uhh, there's only 88 people watching this, so, but maybe some of you are watching in the future.

Anyway there's a movie poster for the fault in our stars uhhhmm... you can see it uhhhmm... at BuzzFeed right now!!! 
I'm gonna go to just to see if that works. it's a popular website on the internet, these days. 19 best moments of pope Francis, god BuzzFeed does love its lists uhhmm... the fault... naahhh what ever, it's not on the front page.
You can see it on BuzzFeed, uhhhmm... I'm gonna, now I'm gonna find out if you like it, i like it a lot! I love it, but i don't know if you're gonna like it.

So I've been very nervous all like, the entire project for awesome I've been very nervous about The Fault in Our Stars movie poster coming out, umm, and being a thing that is in the world.

Uhh, so I'm going to have an exciting announcement about that soon, but first I need to tell you at the Indiegogo if you're watching the live stream right now, Hi! My name's John Green, and this is the Project for Awesome. Umm, the Project for Awesome is an annual event in which, uhh, people from all over YouTube and the internet come together to raise money for charity. Um, and today, that means that we are raising money through an Indiegogo campaign. Can we get... Oh, okay, great.

Um, Rosianna, will you tweet for me? Um, that there is a new livestream? Thank you.

Okay! So today... uh, that was a message just for one particular person... umm haha Today we are... we are approaching the second day of the 48 hour Project for Awesome.

Uh, we had live-streams going all night; thank you to all the Nerdfighters who stayed up all night watching what appeared to be a lot of madness. Uh, with my brother and Patrick Rothfuss and Vi Hard and, I guess there was a wrestling match with Matthew Gaydos from DFTBA records. It sounds like I missed a good party, BUT! Today's also going to be a good party.

By the way, I'm wearing my fancy, new coat; do you like it? I got it in Amsterdam 'cause it was really cold, and I was like, "I'm gonna get a fancy, new coat."

Um, but yeah. So yeah, there is a... there is a... there is a *starts typing*

Uh, first off I want to tell you, uh, to go to the Indiegogo Project for Awesome, umm... right now, if you don't mind. Uh, so if you're watching the livestream now, that first link in the dooblydoo--in the video info right below me--is to a donate... uh, it says, "Donate!" That takes you to the Indiegogo, which is where we are raising money.

I wanna tell you about two exciting, new perks before I tell you about two even more exciting new perks.

Um, first is a horse or a giraffe. Um, already four out of sixty of these have been claimed. I am going to draw for you an original, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Whenever I do this to a pen, I get really, um... nervous... um... *clicks pen* I get really nervous that I'm going to, uh... hurt myself.

Um, my friend Tobias said, "Is it bad that I quite like that?" I said, "No, I love the poster; I'm excited about it." Do other people not like it? Now I'm nervous. Um... anyway. We'll talk about it in a second.

So, um, I get nervous that it's gonna be the shock-pen from, uhh... from Crash Course haha.

Anyway, let me find a piece of scratch paper. Mmm, that's an invoice; that seems important. Mmm, ah, here we go; it's an envelope.

Okay, so my horses are very much like my giraffes. Here, I'm gonna draw you both a horse and a giraffe. There's a horse, and there is a giraffe. Yeah, so, um, this is a drawing of a horse and a giraffe respectively. I'm not gonna tell you which is which, and, in fact, you will never know. Um, but this is a work of art on an eight-and-a-half by eleven piece of paper, and it'll be much larger than this, and it'll be signed by me.

Uhh, this is the worst perk ever, but lots of people are already claiming it, so there you go.

You can get that by donating to the Foundation to Decrease World-Suck, which, by the way, is a real, actual 501C3 charity, so your donation is tax-deductable. less the fair-market value of the perk, which I think in the case of this, would be fifty cents at the most.

Um, and then the other perk that I wanted to tell you about is last night, the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly videos sold out. Uhh, I'm making... you can choose the topic of an AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly video. For those of you who don't know, I'm a semi-professional FIFA player. I'm so excited! *Crack* BOOOH! Uh, I'm a semi-professional FIFA player, and uh... You can choose the topic of one of those videos. Um... The, AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly videos.

So, um, that... Those are two of the new perks at the Project for Awesome Indiegogo.

Um... I want to, um... make sure we are featuring the video that we want to feature for the next several minutes because then we're gonna talk about the movie poster and whether you like it. I hope you like it.

[Rosianna's video]: Hi, everyone! and welcome to
John: Oh! I gotta really... I gotta really... I gotta find some headphones.

Umm... But, um... Yes. How about Nerdy and Quirky; that sounds good.

Um, so we've been featuring Rosianna's video. Um, well, we're about to feature a new video, so if you're in the Project for Awesome livestream, we watch the videos together and then we talk about them. So, uh, we're gonna watch a new video um... Speaking of Rosianna there's a project for Awesome Video. So we're gonna watch a new video right now. and then um... So come back, come back to the livestream.

Hi! how's it going? i don't know if ah I think I should take off my coat. I think I look a little bit to fancy. um.. You know if anything this coat just brings... it brings.. it's to sophisticated almost. I'm really quite fond of this coat. Um.. So um... and remember that every comment on any project for awesome video is worth a penny that I have to donate to the foundation to decrease world suck. So thank you for taking all my pennies.

There have now been more than two hundred and sixty four thousand uh.. comments during the project for awesome and we have raised more than let me give you a quick fundraising update, we've raised um... at the Indiegogo we've now raised two hundred ninety three thousand seven hundred and seventy eight dollars. um... and uh.. that's four hundred and forty two thousand total dollars thanks to matching donations by anonymous donors so thanks to them. um... Let me make sure that we are good to go on a new video.. uh.. the scroll was backwards. *Sniffles* *clicking noises from computer* 

Yeah so I'm using Stan's computer because we couldn't get mine to work because I'm kind of.. I'm pretty computer illiterate. um... for a person who does this for a living. There's indeed a new feature! Okay! So go to the um... Go to the livestream the second link right beneath donate which you should also click on so it takes you to the Indiegogo. The second link is to nerdy and quirky's amazing project for awesome video about free rice. um... its a pretty simple.. pretty simple deal free rice and pretty great so go there and lets watch it together. um and while you are there in the comments tell me what you think of the movie poster and we can talk about it.  

*Yawns* Um... Someone said I've waited all day for John to come back and now I have to go out! Goodbye! I will miss you! 

I'm sorry about this. um... Yeah this is exciting though. uh.. but yeah free rice is a great website that allows anybody to make um... it basically allows you to... its kind of like the project for awesome year round. um... yeah. okay let me make sure that um... Let me make sure of something. I guess we should watch the video first so we're gonna watch the video together. Forgive me nerdy and quirky but I am gonna skip the ad. okay so lets watch the video together its only one minute and eighteen seconds long. Watch now!

*computer typing and clicking noises*

Alright so now we are gonna talk about the movie poster. um... Yeah free rice is an amazing organization. You guys should all go sign up for um... um... for it and um... we can... its like doing a project for awesome all year round! We can do it on the internet and its fun and you learn something and also you know uh... get advertising revenue its like tabs for a cause in a way you know it makes the world a better place. So its pretty cool. 

"Where can I see the movie poster?"

Well you can see it at BuzzFeed or on my twitter. um... I think its on my twitter now. But you can also uh... Yeah! that's where you can see it. um.. But you'll shortly be able to see it in other places. um... but more on that in a moment. 

"uh so John what are your thoughts on the tagline?"

um... I really like the tagline! *Laughs*  I guess that's its um.. its kinda um... controversial but you guys have to remember like um.. while the fault in our stars has a reputation for being uh.. like ah.. the book has a reputation for being very dramatic and making people feel all of the things. Among all of the things is humor. um... and I uh... I.. I..

It was my intention and it is my hope that the fault in our Stars is a funny book and I wanted it to be funny but I think obviously its a drama um... its dramatic and its an epic.. a tiny little epic romance um... but um... I wanted um.. I really.. I really like that it cuts the softness of the image to say like you're not gonna be watching umm you know like uh.. A soft sentimental movie you're gonna be watching a movie that has an edge to it. um.. which I really is really important to me I didn't write the tagline to be clear but I thought it was a really good decision because I thought it was like cutting this isn't gonna be the sweet soft thing that um... you maybe expect. 

um.. nor is it gonna be like merely tragic that's a really important thing to me about both the book and the movie that it not be sentimental that it not be nostaligsized. um.. or you know gauzy and rose filtered um.. I wanted it to be you know like have a bit of a hard edge to it just by being also very romantic and everything. so that's the thinking on the tagline. I assume I don't know I didn't ask but I liked it I knew that not everyone would like it. But um.. Yeah hopefully its if you don't like it I completely understand. I mean I don't think it says anything about the movie. The people who wrote the movie didn't write the tagline so either way it doesn't say much about the movie in the end. um... But um... Yeah

I can't turn off comments in the livestream because if I turn off comments in the livestream then there will be no way for people to who cannot hear me to find out where to go. 

"I kinda think the tagline is sick-plotation"

I don't think so I mean um  yeah. I mean think its very much a joke that Hazel would make. Its the kinda joke Hazel makes throughout the novel. 

um... Maybe its a little maybe its a little edgier than the jokes Hazel would make but I don't think so Hazel is pretty explicate about her um.. her illness and she makes fun of it quite a lot but yeah to be clear I think its supposed to be a pun on the word sick I don't think that its I don't think the word sick is you know like meaning illness. That's the.. I think that's the joke. But anyway yeah! I guess that its controversial. 

um... ah... Yeah! So um.. But people seem to like the poster. um... yeah but its okay if you don't like it I won't be mad. um the tagline is "One sick love story." um.. yeah.. I hope the movie's good I have no idea I have no way of knowing. I did see it get shot.  but you see it shot out of order so its like seeing a bunch of puzzle pieces instead of seeing a puzzle. So I think each of the puzzle pieces is really beautiful but um... its heard to  know if the ah.. How the Puzzle itself is gonna look until I get to see the movie which hopefully will be soon. 

um... Let me read some more of.. the TFIOS movie poster is adorable. thank you um.. This movie is gonna kill me all over again. I don't know. I don't know. I hope that it also makes you happy. um... I feel so bad for all these people telling me that uh.. that they cried so much. I wanted it to be kind of happy. um.. but you know. What can you do? I did also want it to be sad I guess. um... um.. but yeah, I think... I think It gives you a sense of Shailene and Shailene and Ansel together and what Shailene and Ansel together are gonna look like as Hazel and Gus which is.. which is like the coolest thing to me so um... Yeah.  Man lots of people hate the tagline with a white hot passion! that's a direct quote. um.. I knew that lots of people would hate it but I uh.. I don't know I still.. I still kinda like it. I feel bad. um.. but.. ah... that's okay. 

um... you can um..That's fine. You can just put a little piece of tape over the tagline when you put it in your house um.. because I have very exciting news which is that the poster is available. wait.. wait.. wait... wait... wait... okay. um... well you're commenting on nerdy and quirky's video the oh look there the image on Indiegogo that means we are close so if you go over to the Indiegogo. There it is! You can get the poster. um... So thanks. ahh.. The people who work at Fox who were incredibly flexible about this and really um.. and like really went above and beyond the call of duty to make this possible. um... So I think this is as far as I know at least, this is the only time that it will ever be possible to get this poster um... Hold on I can show you exactly what its going to look like. 

It will look like this except it won't already be on cardboard just be you know just a poster that you can roll and unroll but it will look like this can you see that on the Google hang out? I can't tell. um.. I'm so bad at Googling hanging outing. 

Oh yeah, you can see it. There. There! There. No tagline, for the people who don't like the tagline. Tagline, for people who like the tagline. So you can get it right it was really cool of Fox to make this possible, it's something that they don't usually do. Um... I'm just gonna keep Shai and Ansel in the background somehow, just cause they make me so happy. Does that work? Kind of. It looks like they're, they're kind of on my La-Z-Boy making out, it's kind of weird. But it's cool too. Umm so uhh.. I'm so excited about the poster because it's the first time that it's like a tangible thing that I can touch. was amazingly cool of Fox to make this possible, so if you go to the donate button in the Project for Awesome livestream right now, you can claim a poster for a twenty-five dollar donation to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck which is a real 501C3 organization so your donations are tax deductible whether you donate $25 or much more. And then all the money that we raise less the money for like printing posters and sending them out, um... goes to the organizations that we choose as a community to support by voting at So please, please vote at for the organizations that you think we should be supporting. That's a very important part of the project because it helps us to think critically and thoughtfully about how to be good, um... stewards of the money that we raise and effective efficient philanthropists. Um.. yeah we have to make those decisions, where is this money going to go the furthest? Who should we help and how should we help them? And those are kind of, those are the big interesting questions of the Project for Awesome to me in addition to obviously raising money. There are so many worthy organizations, so uh yeah, if you go to the Indiegogo right now for a $25 donation to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck you can get a The Fault in Our Stars movie poster, which zero people have claimed... but I bet that's gonna go up soon. You can also get lots of other things that I wanna tell you, thank you again to Fox for doing this, it's pretty cool. Um... you can also get lots of other things, so for a $10 donation you can get a writing sample, um... a bit of a sneak peek, a 5000 word sample of something that I've been working on for the past few months, along with the first story that I ever wrote when I was six years old that I dictated to my mother who heroically kept it these many years. So if you just give $35 you can get both those things! And then uh...for $6 Hank has an EP of holiday songs, acoustic holiday songs that he has recorded. You can enter to win a signed book from a noted author, J.K. Rowling, you can get a digital Christmas card from Wheezy Waiter. There's also Project for Awesome posters and t-shirts and commemorative coins and then there's two things that I very much want to call your attention to: one is um... original artwork from Minute Physics, if you're a fan of Minute Physics like I am, I think it's the most interesting, or at least one of the most interesting educational channels on YouTube. Henry Reich of Minute Physics has generously donated you guys have never seen the show it's basically made of drawings, um... animated drawings and um... he's donated fifty of those drawings to the Project for Awesome and you can get one of those, that's a very special thing that I've never seen available before. I'm gonna get two and I'm gonna frame them right next to each other, but I haven't had time to get them yet so please don't get them all, don't get all of those, only get most of them. Um... and then I'm also gonna sign two hundred of The Fault in Our Stars movie posters and you can claim that for a $125 donation to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. So those are some of the things that you can get. Aaaaand oh. So, yeah. That's the...that's the cool news. And I assume I am tweeting about, through the magic of tweeting at the same time yeah. Two hundred movie posters to be signed by me, but you can get a poster for a $25 donation, um anybody can, we may have to put a limit on that at some point, but hopefully we won't have to.

The Project for Awesome livestream, the Indiegogo is now very close to $300,000, it's at $297,141 and in the comments for nerdy and quirky and while we maybe get a new video to feature, I would like you to tell me what I should do when we get to $300,000 in Project for Awesome donations. 

Someone said "I didn't know John's signature was worth $100, all for a good cause though." Yeah I know, it's probably not worth $100, we're probably not going to sell those out, but we just didn't have enough high dollar perks! I mean somebody bought Emily Grassi's $5000 painting, we need more expensive perks to raise lots of money from the people who can afford it. "We need gifs of John stroking Shailene", I thought I was,  was I stroking? Oh now I feel bad, now it... now it seems creepy. She's my friend and she's very young.

"Does the movie feel more real now that you have the poster, John?" Yeah. I mean, it does feel more real. I've also seen little bits of it, which made it feel more real. I was just in Los Angeles, um, and uh, yeah. But this makes it feel real. I mean this like, honestly like, this triggers in my mind the memory of being there in Pittsburgh with them, and uh, you know they're both so special to me, and they're both so deeply committed to the story, and to each other, and to the characters, so it just mainly makes me remember fondly those days. Which was really, it was such a lovely, once in a lifetime experience. Like I may, wonderful things may happen to me in my life, but it will never be, you know, it will never be anything like that again. So yeah, it's pretty special, and I'm really- yeah. I'm thrilled! It is kind of- now I feel like a total creeper just having them behind me. Um, yeah. There you go.