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Jane, Lydia, Charlotte and I are back together again!!

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​Lizzie: We're back! We're back back back back. It is so nice to be in my own room, and have my own stuff, and my own Charlotte!

Mmm... It's been way too long.

Charlotte: Tell me about it.

​Lizzie: I won't ever leave again.

Charlotte: Don't make promises you can't keep.

​Lizzie: Stop harshing my buzz.

Charlotte: Well I am happy that you're back.

​​Lizzie: And, I'm not the only one. Lest you think that Jane and Bing eloped, like my mother wishes, Jane is back too.

Jane: Hi!

​​Lizzie: Everything is as it should be. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and now we group hug.

Lydia: Pig pile!

(Intro music)

​​Lizzie: It is so pleasant to have one's house to one's self again. Although it is interesting to note that for a house that was supposedly under construction to the point of being unlivable... it looks pretty much the same. Mom's insisting that it was all foundation work, but we know it was all part of her convoluted plan. In any case, it's good to be home. We were at Netherfield for a month. An entire month. I'm pretty sure Bing earned some kind of sainthood for putting up with house guests for so long, but then again, how many homes have a guest "wing"? And seriously, who names their house?

Jane: Lizzie, you should be nicer. After all, they were very nice to us. Bing and Caroline and even Darcy.

​​Lizzie: Not even you can pretend Darcy was nice. Come on, you have to be happy to be home.

Jane: We were there for a while.

​​Lizzie: Ah! But you know who thought we weren't there long enough!

(dressed as her mother) Jane! Why on earth would you come home when you had him in your cluuutches? In your cluuuutches.

Jane: Mom didn't say "clutches."

​​Lizzie: You should have said. Sealed the deal, gotten pregnant even! I was planning a spring wedding.

Jane: But Mom, uh, eh Lizzie!

Lizzie: You're just delaying the inevitable! Why, now we may not get the church for a summer ceremony, we might have to wait until fall!

Jane: Okay, I'm going to go finish unpacking.

​​Lizzie: It's your fault if I die without grand babies!!

(as herself) So, now that I'm here, I'm certain you are wondering what happens next. I... don't know. VidCon was fantastic and Netherfield was like a vacation, but there's nothing like an email from school to rip you back into reality. Apparently, it's time to start considering what classes I will take for my last year of grad school.

Feels like summer was just getting started, and now we're already ramping up for classes again.

Charlotte: (clears throat)

​​Lizzie: Something to add?

Charlotte: Uh, I thought it would be a good idea if we take all of those business cards from VidCon and the moderate success of these videos to try and see if we can get work that, oh, I don't know... pays.

​​Lizzie: Have a little faith, my number one bestie! I didn't spend all of my time and Netherfield watching Jane and Bing make googly eyes at each other. Although I did spend a lot of time watching them make googly eyes. I have already contacted people from VidCon and begun several dialogues which will hopefully lead to future opportunities!

Charlotte: Not Ricky Collins.

​​Lizzie: What?

Charlotte: You never got in touch with Ricky Collins.

​​Lizzie: Mr. Collins? You can't be serious.

Charlotte: Anybody who can get a big venture capitalist to invest in his web video company is pretty serious.

​​Lizzie: Haha, that doesn't mean...

Charlotte: He's also gonna be in town.

​​Lizzie: What? When?

Charlotte: Pretty soon, from what your mom said.

​​Lizzie: My mom? Why?

Charlotte: Apparently his mom is making the move to Florida permanent, so he has to get her old house ready to sell.

​​Lizzie: No, uh, I mean why does my mom know that he's going to be in town?

Charlotte: Because she invited him over for dinner. Tonight.

​​Lizzie: Seriously?! Why didn't she tell--why did--why didn't you tell me?!

Charlotte: I just did.

​​Lizzie: We haven't even settled in yet. Entertaining Mr. Ricky Collins will be just about the most annoying thing in the world right now.

Lydia: What up? Oh my god did you miss me?

​​Lizzie: Actually... Surprisingly, a small part of me did miss you.

Lydia: God, not you. Them!

​​Lizzie: Them?

Lydia: The fans. Duh.

​​Lizzie: Didn't you start your own videos? Those were... interesting.

Lydia: Oh, thanks. But it's way too much work and now I can just be in your videos.

​​Lizzie: Great! Heh. Hey, what happened to your hair?

Lydia: Oh my god, Mary's all emo now. I took her shampoo and look what happened! But, actually, as it turns out, she's a lot less lame than you are, which isn't that much of a surprise. Don't forget about her.

​​Lizzie: Hey! No, that... I didn't really mean...

Lydia: But it doesn't really matter because I am back where I belong for the rest of the summer!

​​Lizzie: When does school start again?