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Oculus Rift DK2, Proton Pulse: Today Hank Green plays an amazing game for the Oculus DK2. Let's watch him have a blast!
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Game Played:


Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank, this is Games with Me, Hank! And today we're going to be playing Proton Pulse. It looks like a very pretty, cool game. Not pretty cool, but it's both pretty and cool. Enjoy it with me. Now! (Beep)


Look at the button and tap the side of your Oculus or click your mouse button to press it. D-d- this sperm thing that is my cursor? My cursor is a sperm! Sperm sperm sperm sperm sperm sperm sperm! This game is great, I love it! It's got a sperm! (0:33) Wheee!

Alright. That's freaking sweet. I like it. That is a good interface. Zero Transcom... possibly is what that said, I'm not sure. Justin mor--- that's pretty. So pretty! This is amazing. Heck yes! Shut up and take my money! Oh yeah! No problem! 3D VR bomb -- I got it! That ball better speed up, because this is too easy! I feel like I should be doing something with my hands, but I shouldn't! (1:07)
Can I, like, change directions by nodding? Oh! I nodded too much. OK, get ready, I lost.

Go! OK. Level one two, it says. Oh, oh, I see, I had to break those things. I'm ready! Ooh! They are moving! Dude! This is so cool! It's not pong at all, it's that other game that I forgot what it's called. What's it called? That one. You know... what I'm talking about. Wow. Oh, I have -- I have laser beams! I have leaser beams on my paddle! (1:46)

This is cool! No, not quit. I want to keep playing forever. Get ready and go. Oh, sorry, oh no -- what the frick? Yeah. Get in there. What do I got? I got a mega -- what do you say? I don't understand. Mega ball? Oh yeah, it doesn't stop, it just blows through everything. Yeah, Mega-ball! Mega it! Yeah! Take em out.
Uh oh. What happened?

It is so weird to not be -- to not be touching anything. My hands are just... I feel like I'm controlling it with my mind. It's singing me a song. Can't dance too much, either, because then you -- you lose your paddle. Get down there, yeah, alright, last one's going to be hard. Last few. (2:51)

Get down there! Take 'em out! Yeah! Oh, I have to pick up those things, too? What am I doing? Get over there, come on! Yeah! Yeah, wooohooohoooh!

Oh, come on. Totally had it. No! Come on! Ohp! Yeah, you can adjust where the ball goes by hitting it with a certain part of your paddle. Yeah! This is so coool!

Uh oh. Did I beat the game? No. this is the last level until I get to the boss. Hello, giant statue. You have no chance to survive. Make your time. Hahaha. Oh yeah! I have no chance of surviving, it's the Easter island statue. What do you think, Easter Island man? Whoaah! Whoa! What's that thing? (3:57)

I hit you! With a big rock of your own making! Big rocks, big -- oh gosh, which one did I choose? I couldn't get both. Whoa! That -- made my paddle stop working. That's a new mechanic.

go get him! Yeah. Bang! Right in your big head, you bighead! Gonna avoid those things. Pink! (singing) I'm gonna hit you in the back -- hit you in the front seat, hit you with the back seat... I don't know how many hits does it take? I lost again. (stops singing)

OK. In the face! Yeah, how's that in your face? Oh, the big one. In the faaace... in the face, I missed it. Wooah... oh, come on!  I only have one ball left!  Oh noo, you stunned me again.  Oh, I missed.  Right in the face.  Whoa, that was close.  That was super close.  I'm so nervous, aahhh, no, no, no!  OOh, I made that happen.  Okay, oh, I got him!  I got him, yay, I don't know what happened or why.

Doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo, there's next, there's still more?  Is there still more?  Wait, what, see you again...when?  Help support ZeroTransform make this game and our name Vanguard V by checking out the Kickstarter.  Okay. Check out the Kickstarter, you guys.  Spermy spermy spermy sperm, spermity sperm sperm sperm.  

Thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I have been the Hank, and the game was Proton Pulse.  If you want to give that like button a little massage, I'm sure it would appreciate it, DFTBA.