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We're back with another installment of The Financial Diet show where Chelsea covers six ways *men* unfairly pay more than women in unexpected and surprising ways. Check it out!

All the Lonely People:

The Lethality of Loneliness:

The Terrible Price of Our Epidemic of Male Loneliness:

Suicide Rates Rise Sharply in U.S.:

Loneliness is killing millions of American men. Here’s why:

Why Men -- More Than Women -- Feel The Need To Flaunt Their Success And Paychecks:

Here’s How Male and Female Millennials Spend Money:

Men Are Spending More in the Luxury Sector Than Women, Research Shows:

Here’s how much the average single American spends on their dating life:

Undressed: How Progressive Are Millennials When It Comes to Paying the Bill?:

Here’s How Male and Female Millennials Spend Money:

Millennials Struggle to Pass Life Skills 101:

Study: Little Change to Maternity, Paternity Leave at U.S. Employers Since 2012:,-paternity-leave-at-u.s.-employers.aspx

As More New Dads Get Paternity Leave, Companies Push Them to Take It:

DOL Policy Brief: Paternity Leave: why parental leave for fathers is so important for working families:

7 facts about American dads:

Gender Pay Gap? What About The Workplace Death Gap?:

Danger zone: Men, masculinity and occupational health and safety in high risk occupations:

Why women pay less for car insurance:

The Financial Diet site:

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