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Thinking about hosting a party? Here's 10 tips for a successful one. For more party-planning ideas, check out Skillshare at

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This lesson on partying brought to you by this unscholarly source:
Missoula, Montana. "Partying, The Art and Science Of" Kate Whittle’s Early to Mid 20s, edited by Mssrs. Whittle, et. al., Hardcover, 2017.
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GREAT PARTY, RIGHT? In your younger years, throwing a party… it can be really easy. College-aged party-goers don't often need more than cheap beer and loud music.

I had sophisticated tastes, I also wanted some Super Smash Brothers. But as an adult, maybe you would like to step up your game and throw a soiree that's memorable for the right reasons. Here are some completely unscientific but totally handy Party Pro Tips from a party pro.

TIP 1: Schedule your shindig! Decide who you'd like to invite, and ask your friends what time works best for them in the next couple three weeks, maybe? You don't need to bend over backwards to make sure that every single person you know can come, that would probably be impossible, but you can try to accommodate other big events.

TIP 2: Maybe let your neighbors know that you're having some people over for a get-together, and assure them you'll try to keep the noise down if it's a quiet neighborhood. If you have the kind of neighbors who will call the cops with a noise complaint, and you're thinking of going long and going loud, maybe host the party somewhere else. Talking to cops always ruins parties.

It can be real fun to have a party in, like, some weird space that you actually rent—I know that that costs money, but people will be kind of excited about it I have found. But if you do use your house, Tip 3: clean your house. This might seem a little counterintuitive because probably your house will get a little destroyed while the party is happening but it's a nice thing to do, and also, guests will generally behave better if they see that you care about your home.

TIP 4: Plan what kind of beverages you'd like to serve at your party. Having a mix of beer, wine, hard alcohol, and some non-alcoholic beverage options usually ensures that there's something everyone will like. Even if all your guests are totally down to booze it up, it's good to have non-alcoholic options so you can actually, like, hydrate without getting more drunk.

TIP 5: “BYOB” does not stand for “Bring your own party.” Don't expect your guests to supply everything you need for the party, even if you are hoping that they'll help out with it, though, I have sometimes ended up with too much beer. Like, I'll have a lot of beer and a lot of beer gets brought, and then I'm like—what am I going to do with all of this? It's a good problem to have.

TIP 6: One word: FOOD. Every party needs at least some snacks on hand, especially if people are going to be drinking alcohol. Snacking also gives people something to do besides just awkwardly standing around.

It doesn't matter if you're not a cook, just… chips and dip. Everybody loves chips and dip, right? I think?

TIP 7: Even if you don't think people will show up on time, make sure that your party is ready to start on time just in case. You never know when a carload of people are going to show up at exactly 8 p.m. and you're just getting out of the shower. TIP 8: Play some upbeat music on a device that you don't have to fiddle with.

Your record collection might be very cool, but it's hard to host a party if you have to keep flipping your vinyl every 20 minutes. If you have one, try setting up your stereo or Bluetooth speaker with a Spotify or Pandora playlist. TIP 9: As soon as people walk in the door, show them where to put their shoes and their coat.

After your first guests have settled in, it's kind of important to give them something to do, especially if they're the first people there. This is what I do: I have, like, a signature cocktail for every party and I don't make it myself, I get the first guests who arrive to make the cocktail for me. Gives them something to do, and also I don't have to make the cocktail.

And finally, TIP 10: If some kind of disaster strikes, which it may, don't freak out. Maybe a toilet clogged, maybe the dog threw up all over the living room. Just chill, laugh, ask your friends to help, and let the party continue.

Sometimes, the best parties are the ones where everyone has to band together to help fix a problem. Unless the problem is a fire. Evacuate in case of fire.

That is… tip number 11. If nobody is on fire, relax. You're throwing a party.

Cheers! Thanks for joining the party! If you have party tips, let us know in the comments.

And if you want to learn more about adulting with Rachel and me, you can do that at If you want more tips for hosting a party or just don't trust my personal party tastes, you should check out some of the tutorials we found on Skillshare. There are plenty of videos for hosting themed shindigs, like art parties and printmaking parties, and tutorials for making centerpieces or party favors.

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But what if I'm talking? Can you hear it when I'm talking? 'Cause I'm so loud! You can just put the...

What's the thing that limits the low noise? [Off-Camera] The noise gate. Yeah, noise gate. Everybody loves chips and dip, right?

I think? Absolutes are always incorrect. But I do think that—come on!

I've been to those parties and I'm like:. This is not—. This is not how it works.

Britney Spears. ... Those outtakes in movies when they have taken the music back out and everybody's just like... Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle... [Caitlin] We're really good at parties. [LAUGHTER].

So good. [Caitlin to Nick] Can you do a handstand? [Nick] No. [LAUGHTER]. Yeah. Balloon. [Off-Camera] That was beautiful. [Caitlin] I feel like we're in an episode of Saved by the Bell or something [LAUGHTER].