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Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this over the last eight years...I guess it's a pretty big deal!

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Hank: Good morning, John.

John: Good morning, Hank, actually, that was too low energy, let's have them do it.

Crowd: Good morning, John, it's Friday!

Hank: John, I want to let you know that it is possible to clean your lens.

John: Oh, oh no, that's not something that I do, that's just not part of my aesthetic, but go on.

Hank: We are currently on the Mainstage of VidCon 2015.

John: Lot of people here.

Hank: It kind of surprises me that we've only been doing this for eight years.  

John: Yeah, I mean, eight years is a lot of time by some measures, right?  Obviously, it's most of YouTube ten-year history, but it's also a very short amount of time, like, it's only 2 presidential terms.  

Hank: A baby in eight years only becomes an eight year old.  And an eight year old is basically just like a big baby.

John: Mmm, strongly, strongly disagree.  I would say that an eight year old is a--just a smaller adult.

Hank: Are there any eight year olds here?

John: Wow, there is! Hank, there are people at VidCon who are younger than the first Vlogbrothers video, and now, I have become aware of how old I am.  So there have been many important cultural institutions that have come out of online video in the last eight years.  Gangnam style, Justin Bieber, the double rainbow guy, and of course, the ice bucket challenge featuring Bill Gates, I don't know if Bill Gates is here tonight, Bill?  Here's probably in Tanzania doing something about poverty.  We love you, Bill!  We wish you were here, but you have other work, it's important.  Can I just interrupt you to say that your glasses are so dirty that you have no right to make fun of my lens?

Hank: So we started VidCon in 2010 in the basement of a hotel in Los Angeles in Century City.  It is somewhat bigger than that now, but we had a lot of people then and here are some of them, this is the first VidCon.

John: The first VidCon.

Hank: From VidCon 2010.

John: Tyler Oakley, Rhett and Link, Dave Days, Shay Carl is there, iJustine is there, many of these people are still at VidCon this year, and for many of them, their lives have changed dramatically.  Smosh has gone on to like, make movies.  

Hank: They've got a movie coming out this week, and Kian's movie came out this week.  And your movie came out this week.

John: That is true, yes, go see Paper Towns.  

Hank: How are you feeling about it?

John: Uh, incredibly anxious, I've been feeling a little bit like maybe, maybe, maybe they shouldn't have scheduled VidCon and the movie on the same day.  Maybe I should retape that.

So when we started VidCon in 2010, we knew that YouTube was a big deal, but we had no idea, like, how big of a deal it was going to become.

Hank: Right, like, uh, we did not know that we were taking power away from giant corporations that made content, and they didn't either.

John: Yeah, but uh--

Hank:  They've realized it now, and they're here, and they're being very nice to us.

John: Yeah, so thank you, giant corporations, for your presence making everything so fancy.  Stay on YouTube, but be cool about it, that's all we ask.

Hank: I'm very--I'm proud of VidCon.  Shh.

John: Hey guys, we're trying to vlog here!

Hank: I'm very proud of VidCon, but I'm mostly proud to be some small part of this giant weird cultural explosion that has taken the power and put it into the hands of the people that it should be in, which is the people who watch the content and the people who make it, and that's--that's the beauty of VidCon for me.

John: For those of you inside of the camera, thank you for paying attention and for being parts of these communities.  Thank you, and don't forget to be awesome, and Hank, I will see you on Tuesday.

Hank: It's my video, so...John...

John: And John, I will see you on Friday.

Hank: No.

John: You say that.  That's your line.

Hank: Yeah.  John, very well said, and I will see you on Friday.

John: Really good work, Hank.