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In which John discusses three things, that quickly become seven, including AFC Wimbledon's stunning and beautiful victories (both IRL and IFIFA), the bank of nerdfighteria's current situation, the tenth anniversary edition of his first novel, Hank's unexpected appearance on his television, and his burgeoning midlife crisis.

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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday.
Today's video is like A Song of Ice and Fire; it comes to you in three parts, unless its creator decides midway through to expand it dramatically. Along the way, I'm going to update you on the Bank of Nerdfighteria, the unstoppable force that is AFC Wimbledon, the immovable object that is world suck, and a little something I did 10 years ago. Oh my god, I am so old.
But let's delay the midlife crisis portion of the program, and start with part one: Batman.
So, pretty much everything I said about Batman in my last video, Hank, was either wrong or dramatically oversimplified. And in the wake of that Hank, it occurred to me that being wrong is one of the most complicated pleasures I know of, because of course, initially, I felt defensive, and then very embarrassed. But then I started to think about the fact that the way I look at the world can still be changed by the people I look at the world with, which is exciting because it means I'm not, like, finished. And that's good news for an incredibly old person.
Part two. Why am I wearing a suit? Oh, it must be time for the bank of Nerdfighteria's semi-annual report! 
Hank, the bank of Nerdfighteria is like Tyler Oakley: it has two arms, the lending arm and the giving arm. 
Let's start with the lending arm. Over at, Nerdfighters have now loaned more than 4.5 million dollars to entrepreneurs in the developing world. That's amazing; we're one of the biggest groups in Kiva's history, but the growth has been slowing down a little bit in the last couple month, so if you have 25 dollars or more that you can loan to a developing world entrepreneur, join the Kiva Nerdfighter group! There's a link in the dooblydoo. There's a 99% chance that you'll get payed back which is like a negative 1% interest rate savings account, which is basically the same interest rate as they're offering in banks. 
Then there's part three: the giving arm.
So Hank, Nerdfighteria has an actual, like, federally sanctioned tax deductible called the Foundation to Decrease World Suck. It gathers money mostly around the Project for Awesome and gives it all away to charities. But this year, the Foundation to Decrease World Suck has been unusually active outside the P4A. Like we raised over 300,000 dollars for's work in Ethiopia and over 90,000 dollars for sarcoma research during my silly World Cup fundraiser. And right now, partly thanks to Nerdfighter projects like Minecrafteria, partly thanks to the fact that more Vlogbrothers income is going into the Foundation, we have about 45,000 dollars in the bank. That's a great start - going into the Project for Awesome, we're in our best shape ever.
Part four: my suit isn't all business.
So Hank, I play FIFA as AFC Wimbledon, and then the ad revenue from Hankgames goes to sponsor the actual AFC Wimbledon. They're this fourth tier English club formed by its fans after their club was stolen from them and moved to Milton Keynes. And this year, our sponsorship has allowed us to be on their shorts! I know what you're wondering: if the shorts are up here, what's down there? That's none of your business! Anyway Hank, two weeks ago, MY AFC Wimbledon beat Milton Keynes; in a thrilling foreign four-nil victory, Bald John Green did the mustache of joy! And then last week, the ACTUAL AFC Wimbledon played the ACTUAL Milton Keynes AND THE BALL COMES IN TO AKINFENWA! AKINFENWA! AKINFENWAAA! 
And AFC Wimbledon emerged victorious as the crowd chanted "Who were you, who were you, who were you when you were us." Clearly Hank, having DFTBA on your shorts leads to athletic success. Wait a second, why am I number 37? [Gasp] It's because I am 37 years old, oh my god. 
Which brings me nicely to part five.
So Hank, ten years ago today, I had just finished the last edits on this little boarding school novel I'd written. My hope for it was that it would sell enough to make it to paperback. It never crossed my mind that it would still be in print after ten years. And I certainly never imagined that there would be this beautiful tenth anniversary edition with a cover designed by Rodrigo Corral. And a big Q&A and a fancy introduction and a bunch of scenes from early drafts. But that book has surprised me over and over again in the last ten years. I want to thank everybody who's read it so generously and shared it. Also if you want to get the tenth anniversary edition, there is a link in the dooblydoo to pre-order it.
Part six: Hank, you know how long ten years is? It's the difference between second grade and your senior year.
i don't want to panic, but Looking for Alaska came out ten years ago, which means that I am extremely very old. I'm having a smidge of crisis about it, so old Nerdfighters if you have any advice, I would appreciate it.
Part seven: Hank, I saw you on freaking TV! 
I was watching the Walking Dead and then AHHH IT'S HANK! That advertisement was the scariest and most exciting part of the whole hour, which is really saying something. So congratulations; it's fun to see you on TV! But all things being equal, Hank, and I know you share this opinion, I'd rather see you on YouTube.
I'll see you on Friday.