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So we just hit 3,000,000 subscribers, and we just uploaded our 1,500th video. That's pretty nuts. John and I have made 1500 videos for this channel?! That seems like a kinda impossible number. But when I go look, they're all there, and I'm actually pretty proud of most of them.

Thank you to all of the people who have watched our stuff or subscribed over the years, it's a tremendous honor. It's amazing to spend some time thinking about how much YouTube has changed over the years. I need to spend some time remembering how huge 10,000 subscribers was for us in 2007, and how much I have always cared about the creative community this place fosters.

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Good morning, John!  We have recently reached a number of milestones here on the Vlogbrothers channel.  We uploaded our 1500th Vlogbrothers video, we got our 3 millionth subscriber, and we're about to upload our 100th episode of Dear Hank and John.  As soon as you get back from vacation, no rush!  I think this is thus, a good moment to take a look back and we're gonna do that with the help of the Wayback Machine.

This is a product from the internet archive.  You can look up any website you want to, like go to, and see what it looked like back in the past.  Oh god it's beautiful, oh load it up!  Wait.  I'm a male seeking everyone between eight- was YouTube a dating site?  This feels like information I should have had in my head!  This is beautiful, but it's not what we're here to look at today.  We're gonna take a look at what looked like starting with today and moving backwards in time.

YouTube has looked pretty much the same for the last, like, three years.  I don't super love it.  I think we have to go pretty far back before we see a significant change in YouTube's design.  So now we're in 2014 - same thing.  Let's check out 2013.  Aha, this is new, I remember this!  This was the design for quite a long time, and I think I remember it being called, by YouTube, Cosmic Panda?  When it was first launching it was like "Code name: Cosmic Panda!  A new design is coming."  And look at this customization you could do.  Like all of this is image mapped.

But if we continue to go back, back, back in time, we see that we've broken the thing.  Oh yeah, got a new one.  Oh yeah, I remember this, I liked this.  The design around it, you know.  You knew exactly how it was gonna display.  But it's sad that we can't have as much fun as we once had. 

Let's pop into 2010 here, back when we had first launched VidCon. Oh yeah, this, this, this desi-I liked this.  I als-yeah I remember doing that.  I don't know what's happening here with the blankness but uh, we've got 344,000 subscribers, we are number 82 most subscribed of all time, with that number.  Bzzeh, that's different now!  Still pushing the Truth or Fail.  It never worked, it was such a good show!  And I worked so hard on Truth or Fail and it just, ugh, it just nev-it was destined to fail.  Maybe with the new end screens it could work.  I don't, don't, don't do it Hank.

Alright let's go to 2009.  Alright yeah this one.  This one that Sharkeye Jones did.  Look at this is gorgeous.  Doesn't this look better than what it looks like now?  One of The Short Sisters, Monica, now, uh, works for VidCon.  She's running PodCon right now.  August 2009 we have 98,000 subscribers, so we're about to hit 100,000 and look how nice all this looks.  I don't know how we ended up with just John's face as our channel icon.

Alright we're gonna pop all the way to 2008 now and probably lose this cooler design and end up with, yeah, this!  Oh, god.  Edit Undo.  On the sidebar here you got like comments, on the channel.  I think that we have like one channel design left before we're out, and here it is!  This is the first capture ever made of Vlogbrothers.  We had 9,700 subscribers.  Latest YouTube drama, subscribe to HouseholdHacker, YouTube watchdog has 20 videos removed due to TOS violations.  Renetto says the YouTube Community is on it's last breath because of telemarketers?  There has been YouTube drama since there has been YouTube.  MisKChief says "So since you have cracked the most subscribed...guess you can just stop making videos." Back in 2007. We thought about it, in December of 2007, absolutely.  We said we were gonna do it for a year, we'd been doing it for a year, we had 11,000 subscribers.  That was super big back then, it's not super big now.  But, yeah, we decided to keep doing it.  Turned out okay.

Our final archive is from Decemebr 1st, 2007.  So basically there's no record of our YouTube channel for the first eleven months that we did it.  But John if you remember, in the early days YouTube was not where we, like, had our main community.  We had it at  But if we go back to 2007 I think that we're gonna get, oh yeah we are.  Oh yeah we are, check it out.  "Discussion questions: How should Hank take Nerdfighters to the next level?  How comes horseradish looks like mayo and tastes like poison?"  We don't do discussion questions anymore, that's fun.  How about this one: What was the first book you ever loved?  That's a good one.

John, thanks for doing stuff with me.  I've been recording for 36 minutes so there's probably a much longer version of this video over on hankschannel; John, I'll see you on Tuesday.