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Oculus Rift DK2, Welcome to Oculus: Today Hank Green plays a Oculus Rift game that attempts to show the potential of virtual reality! Will Hank be impressed?
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Game Played:
Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank. This is Games with Me. Today, we're gonna to be playing ... well, not really playing. Today we're going to be experiencing Welcome to Oculus.

Voice-over: Virtual reality. ?? the gateway to the ?? has captivated our imagination for years.

Hank: I'm afraid it's going to scare me, because I've played to many Oculus horror games. Look at him go. Punch it. Punch it. Dorks.

Voice-over: ...but the key has always been just out of reach.

Hank: Oh, it's centered. It was tracking with me.

Voice-over: ...Until now.

Hank: Oh it's not out of reach anymore.

Voice-over: Something about the possibility of visiting other worlds has always enticed us, through whatever medium was available at the time. We have always felt a need to construct worlds of our own.

Hank: I can't tell if this is an actual voice over or if it's...

Voice-over: As technology improved, our ability to construct new worlds grew more and more powerful. No longer were our creations restricted to paper, but...

Hank: That's right, now there's dwarves.

Voice-over: ...captivated us by the means of screens and speakers.

Hank: Is it a fake voice or not a fake voice?

Voice-over: The advent of the computer was another key element in the long journey. It allowed us...

Hank: Go Pong! Yeah.

Voice-over: interact with our worlds and the internet enabled us to share in those experiences with others. But we knew something was still missing. Until there were no barriers between us and our creations, we would never be truly satisfied. We deeply longed to open that last and final door, and take our first steps into another world. So today, I invite you to do exactly that, as we take a journey...

Hank: To Target.

Voice-over: ...into the world of Oculus.

Hank: it's up in my face. It's raining. Okay... Am I going to move around? I can't move around.

Voice-over: As you take a look around the room you find yourself in, you can get a real sense of space.

Hank: Yes. And gross.

Voice-over: You can gauge the distance to the walls or tell how high the ceiling is.

Hank: Yeah, it's a pretty high ceiling.

Voice-over: It doesn't matter that none of this is actually real. Your brain, on a sub-conscious level, can't help but believe that it is. For instance, as this pipe approaches you, you still have the urge to duck out of the way.

Hank: And I did.

Voice-over: And as this block lowers overhead, you feel a sense of uneasiness.

Hank: Yes I do, you're right. Correct. Don't do that.

Voice-over: As you move through the room, it feels almost like you could reach out and touch it.

Hank: Yep. Why is it so creepy and dingy?

Voice-over: The real magic is that this sense of presence is not created by complex graphics.

Hank: No. It's created by my mind.

Voice-over: Even when placed into an empty room, I bet you still get that falling sensation in the pit of your stomach.

Hank: Yep, correct.

Voice-over: Better hold on.

Hank: Weeeurgh. Uh-huh.

Voice-over: All of these different aspects combine to create the most immersive experience imaginable. Surrounding in 360 degrees by your environment, you will find yourself completely transported into another world.

Hank: Creepy world, always a creepy world.

Voice-over: Virtual reality can invoke sensations that traditional video games or movies just never could.

Hank: Could we move into a world that is not creepy? Somewhere nice. And where things aren't all rusty and post-apocalyptic. This is scary, why do they always want to scare me? Why? Why? Why can't we just go be dolphins or a bird occasionally? Eh eh. Uuuuh. Why is it so scary? I can't see. Is something out there? Uhhhh. Aaaarghlsjfakld. Hi man how's it going?

Voice-over: say that you won't ever watch another movie again.

Hank: I'll just do it sitting here.

Voice-over: In fact, virtual reality can be quite an excellent place to catch a film. Popcorn isn't expensive, nobody is kicking you, and you can sit wherever you want.

Hank: I don't like popcorn. Yeah but it's hard to make out with your girlfriend when you've got an Oculus on. Just sayin', that's a drawback. Oh my itches, that's another drawback. That's hard to do.

Voice-over: Sometimes though, you just want to stay at home and relax. Of course you can also do that in virtual reality.

Hank: That's a nicer TV than I got, that's a better TV than I got.

Voice-over: Feel like sitting on the couch and just watching TV? Go right ahead.

Hank: Ah. Haha. Yeah, football it! Yeah win, sports!

Voice-over: want to enjoy a video game instead? Well now you can relive all your old favorites in a whole new way.

Hank: I mean it really does feel like I'm here. Like, yep. I like how this room isn't disgusting, too.

Voice-over: No matter what it is, you can now enjoy your favorite traditional media in any environment you wish.

Hank: I ran into the mic. Oh I didn't look behind me.

Voice-over: As you can see, the possibilities with virtual reality are limitless.

Hank: Wellllll I think that's a definition of word you don't know.

Voice-over: After a few false starts, it appears it is finally becoming what everything hoped it could be.

Hank: Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Voice-over: Countless experiences have already been created for virtual reality, and that number continues to grow.

Hank: Hahaha, go granny go. PewDiePie. Markiplier. What about me? Why am I not up there?

Voice-over: ...dogfights with space pirates...

Hank: Yeah, space pirates!

Voice-over: ...countryside, there is an experience for everyone. Your favorite worlds...

Hank: This is really crazy.

Voice-over: ...old and new alike, will finally be brought to life.

Hank: (something) immersive. And the wire touches you on your arm and you're like "what's that thing? I don't know."

Voice-over: For the longest time...

Hank: Track one of these dots.

Voice-over: ...virtual reality seemed so far away. But now, almost without warning...

Hank: Whoaaa. Uh. Hi space.

Voice-over: ...the dream has finally come true. As you look around, you are not just seeing things in a computer, or pixels on a screen, what you are seeing is pure potential, the ultimate canvas capable of conveying the vastness of human imagination.

Hank: That's a nice thing to say.

Voice-over: Welcome to Oculus.

Hank: Okay. Can I fly now? I wanna be a bird.

Hank: Thanks for going through this experience with me. I know that you can't experience it the way I can. The positional tracking of the head combined with the resolution, it does an amazing job of immersing you in a thing. And while I don't agree that it's limitless, there are many things in the world that are awfully nice, like touching things, it is extremely exciting and I'm glad to have this baby on my head. And I'm sure you'll be seeing her soon in another episode of Games With Hank. DFTBA.