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Pre-order our book YOU ARE AN ARTIST (which includes new assignments!) here: You walked on it, and we watched. Herewith a compilation of some of our favorite responses to Kate Gilmore's Art Assignment:

Thanks to all who participated! And don't forget to check out all of the responses on Tumblr:
Sarah: Hey, everybody.  Today we are talking about Kate Gilmore's assignment to Walk On It, and you guys did just that.  You walked on it, you rolled on it, you wheeled over it, you danced on it, and you did a fantastic job.     A really important aspect of a lot of these videos was the music you chose, and you put a lot of thought into it.  Unfortunately, we can't play any of it, because it's all unlicensed.  So, we put over our own music, and I'm sorry, but that's just the way it goes.     So this exercise is about endurance, on the one hand, but when I look at these responses, what I see is a lot of you having fun, not worrying so much about the end product, but thinking about the physical experience of making art, and what it takes for our bodies to generate art.     These are only brief clips, but how does watching these all together change your view of the assignment?  What is consistent about these, and inconsistent?  Is this painting, process art, or performance?  What do you think?  Give it a watch, and let us know in the comments.