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Pre-order our book YOU ARE AN ARTIST (which includes new assignments!) here: This week we're reunited with Oliver Blank, who shares his thoughts on the incredible response to his assignment and announces some exciting plans for the messages you left to the one who got away.

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Sarah: Hey everybody.  So we are in San Francisco filming future episodes of The Art Assignment, and we decided to drop in on none other than Oliver Blank, who you will remember gave you the assignment to what?  What was it?   Oliver: To uh, call a number and tell me about the one who got away.  It could be a lost love or a forgotten friendship or something else entirely.     Sarah: And many, many, many of you did this.     Oliver: So I was really overwhelmed just by the volume of calls, and then in terms of the actual--the messages that we're receiving, like, people--I think, just the sincerity and the directness which all of the viewers who took part--it was really touching hearing everyone's story, it still is touching, we still get several calls a day, and it's really--I feel really privileged to be able to listen to them, and I'm really hoping that I can share them as well.   Sarah: In what you've heard of what's come in, I mean, is it more about individuals or is it more about opportunities?     Oliver: I think it's mainly about individuals.  There's a lot of lost loves, and I really appreciate every single call that comes in for that, but it's not just that, there are family members who've passed away, friends who've moved to other cities or countries, so it's these um, shared experiences and shared stories that, as we go through life, these common experiences that we all tend to have. We all tend to have a one who got away in terms of a love. We all tend to lose a family member at some point or another, and as we grow up, friends, family move away, people become distant to us, so it's that connection and that thread that's been really profound for me to hear.   Sarah: But what is your role?  I mean, you are the recipient of these things, but it's not--how much is it directed towards you?   Oliver: I think for me the best messages that they're not talking to me, and it's not for me, and I feel like a very, very privileged, very lucky caretaker, or temporary caretaker, 'cause the intention is to get these messages back out to the world.  So the plan, if there was--yeah, ten to thirty responses, was to compose a short piece of original music.  As soon as I had, you know, a hundred, two hundred, three hundred calls, I realized, well, I can't compose one piece of music-- well, I could, but it would take me a long time to compose a piece of music, that is gonna score beautifully all of these, so the approach totally had to change.   Sarah: So it's time to call you to task.     Oliver: Okay.   Sarah: What are you gonna do?   Oliver: The plan is to create a short podcast series, um, maybe roughly six episodes. I am going to pick some messages; it's not the best of the messages, 'cause there's no best and worst with these. I'm just going through--try and go through and pick some messages for each episode and score a series of, let's say 20 minute or so individual episodes of The One Who Got Away, so it'll come out at some point this year as a podcast.     Sarah: Excellent.  I want to thank you for participating in this.   Oliver: Thank you, yeah.     Sarah: It's been really wonderful and I can't wait to see what happens with it.   Oliver: Yeah, thank you, and thanks to all of the viewers who took part and are continuing to take part and shared the number.  It's amazing and completely unexpected.   Sarah: Tell 'em to keep calling.   Oliver: Thank you so much.  Oh, keep calling the number.  Make it on the bottom of the screen now.  Here.  Here.  Yeah.  And sparkles as well.  And now it's on fire.  Do all of those.  Thank you.     Sarah: Good luck.   Oliver: Thank you.