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Lizzie: You know? Some days are bad, like when you trip in the hall after science class and your skirt flips over your head just as the senior you have a crush on is rounding the corner. Then there are days that are just okay. Maybe you find a 20 on the sidewalk, but you also get a parking ticket. Then there are days that are just unspeakably awesome and everything is perfect and wonderful and all your patience is payed off and for me, that day is today. My name is Lizzie Bennet and I finally got a new phone!

Lizzie: It's just so pretty! For those of you wondering, yes, I'm still poor, but this is what happens when you wait out your cell phone contract. You get a free upgrade to the new phone everyone else got two years ago! And thank goodness. My old phone was practically on life support - lost calls, missed texts, but, once the activation and update are complete, I will have a pretty, shiny, functioning, new toy. (knock knock) Come in!

Darcy: Good afternoon, Lizzie.

Lizzie: Good afternoon to you.

Darcy: So, how are you doing today?

Lizzie: Today is a pretty good day, actually. And you?

Darcy: Hopefully, it will be a good day. Too.

Lizzie: Was there something you needed from me? 

Darcy: Oh, no. I mean, that is to say... yes, I wanted to ask you something.

Lizzie: Okay. 

Darcy: My sister and I have a box at the theater and I was wondering if you would like to attend tonight. (phone beeps) Do you need to answer that?

Lizzie: Uh, no. It's just finishing activation. And, yes, I would love to attend the theater with you and Gigi.

Darcy: Well, actually, Gigi has an engagement, so it would just be you and me.

Lizzie: (phone beeps) Sorry! New phone. And apparently Charlotte has called me seven times in the last hour. (phone rings) Charlotte, what's wrong? ... What happened to Lydia? ... A video? George Wickham? No, I'm coming home, I'm coming home right now. 

Darcy: Lizzie, are you all right?

Lizzie: No. No, I have to go. Back to the apartment. I have to pack. Where's my bag?

Darcy: What happened? Lizzie, let me help you. Stop. 

Lizzie: You can't, no one can.

Darcy: Yes, I can. Now, if you need to get home I will book you a flight out. You can have your things packed and sent to you. Now, please just tell me what's going on. On the phone you mentioned George Wickham?

Lizzie: Apparently, Lydia has been dating him, and if I hadn't been so wrapped up in my own life I might have had a clue about it and I could have warned her about him.

Darcy: What did he do?

Lizzie: Apparently, he set up a website asking for subscriptions to a sex tape with YouTube star Lydia Bennet. There's a countdown clock. Oh, my god. I could have prevented this.

Darcy: Lizzie, this is not your fault.

Lizzie: Well, then whose fault is it? I could have told Lydia exactly what kind of person George Wickham was, but instead, I've just been petty. I haven't even spoken to her since Christmas. I don't know what good I can do, but I have to be there. I have to try to talk to Lydia, I just have to go home.

Darcy: We'll get you on the next flight out.

Lizzie: No, no, you -- 

Darcy: I insist.

Lizzie: Darcy... Thank you.

Darcy: There will be a car downstairs for you in five minutes.