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In which John provides an update about the team's standings and upcoming games.
Hello and welcome to Hankgames without Hank. It’s May 4th 2015. My name is John Green, I'm the manager of the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers. I want to give you one last update as the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers head into the sunset hopefully in glory.

Okay, you may have seen it over there on the right, but Manchester United lost. And that means that the Swoodilypoopers with a game in hand are currently up 5 points, 84-79, on Manchester United, assuming United win their game in hand, we've played 35, they’ve played 34. They will then have 82 points. That, I don’t know, basi... If we win out, we win. Okay. All we have to do is win our games and we are the champions of the Barclays Premier League. What!? I know.

Okay, so let me show you our calendar. We have three games remaining in the Premier League: Fulham, Everton which on paper is our most difficult game, and then we finish at West Bromwich Albion, no offense to them but they’re comfortably mid-table. We should have an excellent chance in that game. And then of course we have the F.A. Cup Final against Chelsea. So we have four games left in the history of the Miracle of Swindon Town and the opportunity to win two trophies, the Domestic Treble because we already won one trophy, the Capital One Cup, or whatever it’s called.

Yeah, so that’s the deal. As you can see over there, John Green is the third leading scorer with 20 goals. Can you imagine a world in which Andy Carroll and Robin van Persie have scored the same number of goals in the Premier League? Because I can’t.

Okay. Anyway, that is the update, four games to go. And then it is the end of the Miracle of Swindon Town and hopefully the beginning of something else beautiful.

All right, thanks for watching.

Best wishes.