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Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Night 3 Complete: Today Hank Green plays Night 3 of FNAF2! Well he tries...

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Game Played:
Hank: I wasn't recording audio.  Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me, Hank.  And today the game once again is gonna be Five Nights at Freddy's 2, we're gonna try and jump in on Night #3, it's gonna be the first time I've tried it out, let's see how it goes, last night was pretty freaking stressful, but this game is addictive and I'm going to beat it.  You cannot stop me, Freddy.  I'm actually much more scared of the Jeffica.  Alright, play.  Preparing to launch Five Nights at Freddy's 2.  Oh, it wants me to update.

Dangit!  I gotta download an update.  Ready to launch in approximately 0 seconds.  Been saying that for a while now.  Really long 0 seconds, you guys.  For some reason, the update is queued, which I don't want.  Play a game, play a game, why is the update queued?  Okay, let's restart Steam.  'Please close Five Nights at Freddy's 2", it's not opeeeeeen.

Game already running.  Uh, well, that's not true.  So, Task Manager.  Alright.  Steam closed all the way down.  Updating Steam!  God dangit!  Ughhhhh.  I just wanna play the game.  Okay.  It happened, I did it, it took a little bit of time, Steam updated, and then Five Nights at Freddy's 2 updated, and now it is ready to play.  God dang it!  Remember when we were kids and you just put the cartridge in and there was never any updating, there was no loading time, it just frickin' went.

Those were the good old days.  We talk about how great games have got, but, boy do I spend a lot more time sittin' around.  And I forgot to turn on bandicam, god dang it!  This is just getting worse and worse.  It's not, I didn't forget to turn it on, it's right there, it's on. Oh, my God, why is everything going wrong today? It's like 'Hey, wanna play a video game?' and then it's like 'NO, NOTHING WORKS.'  Let's start bandicam back up and see if it works this tiiiiiime.  You didn't even start.  There ya go!

Oh.  It got corrupted.  What got corrupted?  I hope it didn't corrupt it.  What.  Which one?  What--what did you corru--what did you corrupt, dangit??  Yes, fix it, yes!  Oh, my God, are you serious, now we're fixing a damaged file.  I hope that doesn't mean I lost any footage from last time!  We'll find out in a couple of hours when I start editing.  I'm not turnin' this video off, because I w--this is gonna work.  This better frickin' work.  Process complete.  Oh--ow, I just got like, a freakin' face cramp.  Yes!  Okay, let's, let's record, 3, 2, 1, record.  Ho!  Everything's working, okay, let's continue with Night 3, 'cause aaaah, if this game wasn't frustrating enough, apparently just the process of playing it live is.  Alright, it's going, we're moving.

Yeah, call me!  What's up, friend?  Talk to me!  

(Phone call in game: Uh, hello, hello!)

Hank: Hey!

(Phone call: See, I told you you wouldn't have any problems.)

Hank: Yeah, no problems at all.

(Phone call: Yeah, did Foxy ever appear in the hallway?)

Hank: Yes!

(Phone call: Probably not, uh, I was just curious.)

Hank: Lots!

(Phone call: Like I said, he was always my favorite.  They tried to remake Foxy, you know, they thought the first one was too scary so they--)

Hank: Already?  Already?! Oooh it's right there!

Phone Call: ...To keep the toddlers entertained, you know. But kids these days...

Hank: WHOA. Is this going faster?

Phone Call: ...Had to literally put Foxy back together at the end of every shift. So eventually they just stopped trying and let him as some sort of take-apart-and-put-back-together attraction.

Hank: Yeah, that's terrifying.

Phone Call: I think the employees refer to it as The Mangle.

Hank: The Mangle?!

Phone Call: So hey, before I go, I wanted to ease your mind about any rumors you might have heard lately. Uh, you know how these local stories come and go and seldom mean anything. Let me personally assure you--

Hank: Uh-huh. Oh turn on turn on turn on. Hello.

Phone Call: --however tragic it may be, it has nothing to do with our establishment. It's just all rumor and speculation, people trying to make a fuss, you know.

Hank: Did somebody eat the security guard? Is that what's happening?

Phone Call: ...nothing unusual, and he's on watch from opening until close. Okay well anyway, hang in there and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Child's voice: Hello

Hank: Hello? God that is a creepy hello. HELLO.

I feel like the music box is winding down faster now. Well I -- Oh god, there's something in the hallway. Turn on turn on turn on.

I have used a lot of my flashlight already.

Heeeeey there everybody, how's it going? That's a lot of bad guys.

Wind the music box and.... ! okay. Everybody's gone.

Generally. Oh wow that's a creepy noise.

Nope wrong button. This one. Wind it up.

I heard somebody in the vents, I heard somebody in the vents.

Hey there creepy boy. I don't know why sometimes I can't lift my freakin' flashlight up.

Hey Foxy, you are always in that hallway aren't you?

Voice: Hi


Uhhhhhhhhh that's bad. This is almost certainly going to be ba-AAAAGH I was right, I was right.

Bunny bun bun came out of nowhere to eat Hank Hank Hank's brains. Okay.

I prefer dying at the beginning of the night if at all possible. I would much rather that to like, 5:59 death. Those are never good.

Alright, let's be a little more chill. I was runnin' out of light really fast there, and I don't like that at all. Somebody's in the hallway.

Again I can't use my flashlight! It's stuck, it's stuck, hey everybody! How's it going?

FFFFFFFFFlaslight flashlight flashlight flash flash flash.

The noise is happening and nothing's in the hall. I really don't like that. Hey it's you again!

Okay. Oh god I think it's... any second now, I don't know what's going to happen.

Okay you're gone. 2am. Nothing there. There's nothing there. Nothing in there. Go back to this. Wind up the music box.

The noise is happening but nothing's there so I don't know what are you on the ceiling or something?

This one. Wind up the music box. It'd be really nice if we could get a battery powered music box you guys.

Heeeey how's it going, stay there. Do not move.

I mean, the constantly breaking flashlight is not my favorite. Okay somebody's in the vent. Somebody's in a vent.

Ah ah, that was way too long. I took way too long. I'm totally freaked out. WHAAAAA OH GOD I THOUGHT I WAS OKAY. Where did he come from? He wasn't there. He ran down that hallway like a freakin' cheetah.

You just gotta be, you gotta be quicker. You gotta be quicker than I was. I was way too slow that last time.

Hey Lemon, that's a weird place to be. Yeah, you don't fit under the desk, huh. No you don't. Good girl.

Whenever they're in the hallway, my flashlight breaks. Every single time. Flashy flash man. Flashy frickin' flash.

Click and hold.

Oh Bunny. Bunny Bunny. Somebody in the--

Oh man oh man oh man oh man.

Everything's fine, I was really quick! I was really quick. I have no idea where that duck came from. That bunny is still there. That duck moved fast. He was never, never in the--

(child laughing)

Stop laughing at me!

Okay, it's gone. 2am. Oh man. Hey how's it going. There's somebody in here.

Wind up the music box. Wind up the music box. And then... get it on!

Okay, are you there still?

Okay, now I'm starting to freak out because it's 3am and I don't wanna die, I don't wanna waste all this time I've spent.

I am really and truly starting to freak out now.

Okay there's probably somebody right in this hallway right now.

Yep, it's Jeffica. Always right in the hallway. Alright. Alright.

Let's music box this place u--- Oh gosh, that's low.


Oh my god I can't believe it's still 3am. That's too-- this is a really long hour.

Click and hold, click and hold. Click and hold, click and hold.

Oh you're still there, huh. Okay, that's fine.

Ooooooh yeah you don't care about the mask, I heard that, I heard that you don't care about it. I heard that's not your thing. That's not something you're even worried about, even a little bit.

4am you guys, 4 freakin' AM.

Oh my god, this music box is freakin' URGH.

Hello, hello, anybody?

Flash flash flash flash flash.

Flash flash flash.

Flash. Flash.

Oooh wind up the music box. Wind up the music box.

Oh man oh man okay.

Oh god.

Turn it on, oh god. I felt like that was really close.

Wind it up, wind it up.


Where the heck did the bunny come from? Did I get it fast enough? I got it fast enough. Oh man. Where did the bunny come from? How did that happen so fast?

Somebody's in the vent!

There you are again! You are fast. Flash you a lot of times. Oh gosh. I'm a good guy, I am so good. Don't worry about me. Okay. Nope nope nope. Turn on turn on turn on. Turn on turn on yes. Yes. Okay. I'm flashing you a lot of times.

I'm gonna go wind the music box. That was really close. And then I'm gonna get out of here and put on the mask really fast. Flash, oh god. Oh god oh god oh god. Oh god. Is it gonna happen is it gonna happen is it gonna happen I don't know.

I don't know. Wind it up wind it up, it's 5am. It's 5am, wind it up. I really wish that there was more significant digits on that clock than there are, that is not enough significant digits on the clock.

Okay, I've got a lot of time--

Oh no hello. No hello-ing me right now with 5am.

Yes yes yes!

Ooh god this game.

Yay scream for me children! As you screamed for yourselves!

Okay I'm back in the mask.

Hello? Hey how's it going Bun. How's it going Bunny Bun. Oh god stop making the noises. Hey oh goodness. Chicky-chick you're gonna eat my chick.

Oh everybody, oh hey Golden Freddy. You came out of nowhere. Oh man you guys are gonna wanna have some fun, huh. Uh huh yeah you are. Let's have a -- oh it's me. It's me? What does that mean? That's extra creepy.

Okay so that was night number three of Five Nights At Freddy's. I've done now more than half of the day days. That does not mean more than half of the game, because it just keeps gettin' harder, I assume.

I think I did pretty well today. I'm fairly impressed with my performance. If you are impressed with my performance, you can click the Like button, or just click the Like button anyway because I like it when you do it and it makes me feel better about myself.

Thanks for watching this episode of Games With Hank, I have been Hank, and the game has been Five Nights at Freddy's 2. DFTBA.