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I try to head to dinner. Gigi stops me.

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LIZZIE: So, Dr. Gardner is in the city for a few days and I need to go meet her for dinner soon. Seeing as this is a new city and the only person I know is her, it made me realize that I don't have my number one bestie watching my back while I'm here. And yeah, I miss Charlotte... and Jane... and... Lydia.

But anyway, no regrets! Gotta live in the here-and-now so... my name is Lizzie Bennet and I'm going to make some new friends.

[intro music]

LIZZIE: So obviously the first person on this potential friend list is Gigi Darcy. She is super sweet and nice, but I'm a little wary. I do, after all, have dozens of videos in which I say not-so-great things about her brother. Which has me wondering why she's being so nice to me, and also why she's allowing me to be here.

GIGI: Oh great! You're still here.

LIZZIE: Uh, yeah. For not that much longer. Is something wrong?

GIGI: No, I was, uh, just looking for some advice.

LIZZIE: From me?

GIGI: Yeah, it's, uh, about grad school.

LIZZIE: Oh, are you thinking of going?

GIGI: It's kind of a requirement, given my family.

LIZZIE: Well, that's OK, right?

GIGI: Yeah, it's-it's fine, there's just a lot of applications to fill out.

LIZZIE: Yeah, I remember those days. A lot of late nights writing essays.

GIGI: Do you have any advice?

LIZZIE: Yeah. Don't procrastinate.

GIGI: Huh. That simple!

LIZZIE: So simple, you should get started on them ASAP. As for me, I really have to get to dinner.

GIGI: Uh, actually, I have another problem I think that you could help me with.

LIZZIE. OK, what's the problem?

GIGI: It is a problem, uh, with... studying.

LIZZIE: With one of your courses?

GIGI: Yes! Exactly!

LIZZIE: Wh-which course?

GIGI: Uh, math.

LIZZIE: Oh, I don't really think I'm the right person to help...

GIGI: Oh, no, you're perfect! You're exactly the right person to ask.

LIZZIE: OK. Well let me...

GIGI: What are you doing?

LIZZIE: Turning off the camera, what are you doing?

GIGI: I just figured Charlotte could, you know, edit this all out later.

LIZZIE: Well, I think I might edit this one myself. I don't want to overwhelm her.

GIGI: Then it shouldn't matter.

LIZZIE: Are you always this weird?

GIGI: I...would that keep the camera on?

LIZZIE: OK, what is going on here? Do you really need help with your math?

GIGI: Uh, well, I... [looks at phone] YES!

LIZZIE: Um. OK, I really need to get going.

GIGI: NO. YOU CAN'T! Uh, sorry. I just, I gotta do something really quick. Could you just take a few minutes and wrap it up?

LIZZIE: I don't really have an outro yet.

GIGI: Th-that's OK, just, uh, talk about me! Yeah, I give you permission!

LIZZIE: Well, I can just record something after.

GIGI: Hey, but didn't you just say not to procrastinate? [pause] Ready, go!

LIZZIE: So, is it just me, or does social strangeness run in the Darcy family? I mean, in very different ways, of course. But seriously: What was up with her?! I'm really not sure what else I can say about her right now, but she did just give me permission. Given what just happened and how weird that was, I better be on my toes for whatever that girl does next.

[door opens]

DARCY: Hurry? I don't understand.

LIZZIE: Darcy!

DARCY: Lizzie.

LIZZIE: I thought you were in L.A.!

DARCY: Uh, no, I'm... not.

LIZZIE: Clearly.

[Gigi enters, pushes Darcy and Lizzie into their chairs]

LIZZIE: Your sister is crazy.


[next two lines are spoken at the same time]

LIZZIE: I didn't mean to surprise you... I'm here shadowing your company.

DARCY: I didn't mean to surprise you... I'm here for a board meeting.

DARCY: I, uh, was aware. You are shadowing Pemberley. I hope you have enjoyed your stay.

LIZZIE: Yes. This place is amazing. Everyone has been incredibly kind.

DARCY: Even my sister?

LIZZIE: Yes, in her own special way.

DARCY: I'm glad.

LIZZIE: Anyway, I have to go.

DARCY: So soon?

LIZZIE: Well, I'm having dinner down by the marina.

DARCY: May I offer you a ride?

LIZZIE: Oh, that's-that's alright. I can walk.

DARCY: The hills in this city can be quite unforgiving.

LIZZIE: I've heard. But I'd like to see the city.

DARCY: Understood. Well, I should... [clears throat]

LIZZIE: Have, um, have a good day, Darcy.

DARCY: I'll see you around. If there's anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable. 

LIZZIE: Thank you.

[end screen music]