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Anatomy & Physiology is difficult. Sometimes even Hank isn't entirely sure what's going on.

music: "Batty McFaddin" - Kevin MacLeod


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CC Kids:
Hank: An average human body contains 206 bones ranging in shape and size from the tiny stapes of the inner ear to the huge femur of your thigh. Where ya goin, Stan?! OH! His head fell off! (laughter off-screen) Outtakes!


Oh ho no! Oh no! Oh! Oh no! Oh God, it's, the the top of the head fell off! Everything went poorly! Panic!

It's like if you wanna ri--blahblahblahblah.

And why they need to be properly balanced to demainstainstoristatis.

Which is what actually rules all blalahblahblahblah

So many muscles, all the time.
Off-screen: There's a lot going on.
Hank: Catching my invisible ball.

I didn't even have any idea what any of that said. I was lost. I need the graphics.

And this here lasso movement, that's...
Off-screen: No.
Hank: What, no?
Off-screen: You've gotta, gotta get everything.
Hank: Oh, like, OK.
Off-screen: It's really more like this. Yeah.
Hank: OK. Yeah.

But it's pretty useless unless the body ha-halalala.

So when the motor neuron releases aaaaaalalalalala.

Get your hand off my chair, it's creepy.

The sartorius in your upper thigh to the biggest, your pfft. Your butt. Butt butt.

Astronauts often experience things like trouble sleeping, puffy faces, and loss of muscle mass, but perhaps the most serious disamage... Disamage? Disamage. But perhaps the most serious disamage ca... Dis- I said disamage again. I did, twice. Disamage. Ho... What's happening to me? Damage. Causes. Most serious. Disamage. Why? That's not even close to a word.

And then crush a cannalalalala.

Off-Screen: Seeing your naked legs under that table is hilarious.
Hank: That's much more relaxing when I'm not wearing pants.

And it's where some of your moooooo--

In March of 2015, American astronaut Scott Kelly and his Russian colleague Mikhail Kornienko be... Kornienko.

If you have a couple of nice generous helpings of strawberry rhubarb pie, just to make things interesting, let's say that they're al a mode, you're gonna blahblahblahhhhh.

They carry your other body parts, provide skeletal support, prakatarakabic.

Plenty of people, maybe including you, who know full well that hormonal imbalances, thywoid... Thywoid? Full well that hormonal imbalances, thyw... Thywoid. Thywoid.

Which helps regulate growth and s--

As we say here on Crash Course: Anatomy and Physiology, I almost said Chemistry. Let's do it again.

Probably only rivaled by the poolside CPR scene or someone shaking an unconscious bondy... Bondy? An unconscious blondie. The, like, the, the, like the dessert bar. Don't leave meeee!

And the pancreas regulates your blood sugar level by releasing two different hormones, insulin and glucagone.
Off-screen: It's glucagon.
Hank: It says glucagone.
Off-screen: Well, g-o-n-e is gone.
Hank: That's what I said.
Off-screen: No you didn't. You said Glucagone twice.
Hank: Really?
Off-screen: Yeah! (Laughing)