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Mr. Collins is back and wants to keep us over Thanksgiving break.

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Lizzie: Wow. So . . . all of that happened. 

Been an exciting time here at Collins & Collins. Welcome new viewers! And by new viewers, I mean . . . Darcy (if you're still watching these). And Bing! Has anyone told Bing about these? Bing, if you are watching, ignore all the weird stuff at the beginning and just concentrate on the fact that Jane loves you. 

And speaking of Jane, I really miss her. And the rest of my family.

My name is Lizzie Bennet and I am so ready to go home for Thanksgiving.

[intro plays]

Lizzie: When did my life become this complicated? Love. Betrayal. Money! It's like a soap opera around here. 

Only without the adultery and amnesia. Unless I can't remember the adultery and amnesia. 

But seriously, I think going home to my mother for Thanksgiving will be less stressful than everything that's been going on around here. Especially because I will not be telling her anything about Darcy. Or Bing. Or anything that's happened over the last two months. Oh yes. My parents remain blissfully unaware of my videos. Thank goodness.

At least things are quiet here today. After this, Charlotte only has to work Monday, Tuesday, and a half day Wednesday and then we are hitting the road headed for home.


Lizzie: Come in.

Ricky: Miss Bennet! 

Lizzie: Mr. Collins! You.. knocked. 

Ricky: Indeed! May I enter? 

Lizzie: ... Sure.

Ricky: The importance of knocking and waiting for a response before entering a room has recently been impressed upon me. 

Lizzie: Aha let me guess, advice from Ms. de Bourgh? 

Lizzie: An astute hypothesis, but no. I was recently visiting my fiancee in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Winnipeg . . .

Together: Manitoba.

Ricky: Oh. Exactly! One evening after enjoying a refreshing beverage at Tim Horton's fine establishment, we returned to our flat whereupon she excused herself for a moment. A thought relevant to our previous conversation then occurred to me, and I followed to inform her of it, whereupon--- 

Lizzie: Oh, I don't need more details and neither does the internet. But, uh, I appreciate your knocking.

Ricky: You're certainly welcome, Miss Bennet. However, there was a reason I first approached your door. Did I overhear that you and Miss Lu intend to depart for home this Wednesday afternoon?

Lizzie: That's right.

Ricky: Did Miss Lu not inform you of the picturelock deadline of the Game of Gourds trailer? 

Lizzie: Well, that's why she's here on a Sunday getting everything ready, making sure that people can still go home for the holidays.

Ricky: She does not intend to oversee the final details personally?

Lizzie: Everything will be finished and uploaded to the servers no later than Tuesday. There'll be nothing left to oversee.

Ricky: But what if there's an emergency?

Lizzie: Like what? 

Mr. Collins, have you ever posted a video to the web?

Ricky: Oh, of course! Our company is a premier content destination for---

Lizzie: No, I mean have you ever personally recorded something and put it on the internet.

Ricky: Well, Ms. de Bourgh thinks that it is important for upper level management to remain focused on the company's larger goals and objectives, otherwise one runs this risk of losing sight of the figurative forest for the metaphorical trees. I'm afraid it will be necessary for Miss Lu to remain on site.

Lizzie: Oh Mr. Collins?

Ricky: Yes?

Lizzie: When do you leave for Thanksgiving?

Ricky: Monday! Gotta beat the crowds, you know!

Lizzie: Smart. Have a happy holiday.

Ricky: And you as well, Miss Bennet.

Lizzie: You know, I think we will.

[outro plays]