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Jessi compares Kemosabe the prehensile-tailed porcupine to life and the online Animal Wonders community. You all are seriously awesome!

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Hey guys! I'm Jessi and this is Animal Wonders. Porcupine! Did you think quills? Quills are the most impressive part of a porcupine. Have you ever been poked by a quill? I have, and it really, really hurts.   Even though porcupines are regarded as unhuggable, I have an affinity for them. At least this guy right here. And he's my metaphor for life: awesome, thriving by the sum of his parts, and a gift to the world. This is also how I view the Animal Wonders community. Each one of you is seriously awesome. Together, you make the things that we do possible and you make it flourish and each one of you is unique. And you're able to offer the world your superpower.    Porcupines come in 29 different models, or species. They range from the very teeny-tiny little Rothchild's porcupine, weighs about this size all the way up to the African Crested Porcupine, which is closer in weight to this bag of food. And it has almost two-foot quills!    And this is Kemosabe, the prehensile-tailed porcupine. "Prehensile" meaning being able to grasp, like your fingers, so he can climb trees with ease. He's in the middle of the porcupine spectrum, weighing in about eight pounds. He has an incredibly powerful sense of smell and he has over 30,000 quills all over his body, helping to protect him.   Quills are made of keratin. Just like the fur and hair of other mammals. These modified hairs are semi-hollow inside with soft structural material striated through that keeps them rigid. Then, there's hundreds of barbs at the tip, which not all porcupines have, but Kemosabe does.   Remember, 30,000 of them, which are not only useful to protect the porcupine, but they've been adopted by artists to use in jewelry and for clothing, and they're studied in the medical field as models for incredibly valuable hypodermic needles, and dressings and stitches for their easy stick and staying power.    This is why when I think of the Animal Wonders community, I like to compare it to Kemosabe. Awesome, thriving by the sum of its parts and a gift to the world. This would make you a quill!    You're part of our community when you watch our videos, ask questions and share us with your friends.  And now we're on Subbable! So there's a whole new way to stay connected and support Animal Wonders. Subbable is a subscriber service that allows online creators like us to be supported by viewers like you. And if you follow this link here, you can learn all about Subbable, how to sign up and start supporting Animal Wonders, and all the animals!    The best thing about Subbable is that you can choose how much you want to give from zero dollars on up! You can do a one-time thing, or you can do a monthly subscription. You get to choose. And everybody gets perks! All of our subscribers are going to get access to our Subbable news feed. You're going to get behind the scenes footage and photos and you're going to get early access to certain videos.   Trade in what's in your perk bank for special Animal Wonders things, like personalized postcards, or feathers from one of our birds or Kemosabe quills which he shed out over the years. We even have a Subbable perk to name a new animal!    All the funds from Subbable go to supporting Animal Wonders on YouTube. We have a PayPal account for those of you that would like to sponsor an animal or help with enclosure improvements or expansions directly. Kemosabe would like to give a shout-out to his banana Nana who currently gives a donation monthly though PayPal to make sure he stays happy with fresh bananas, which he obviously loves.     If we get enough supporters, Subbable and otherwise, it means we can give even more to these amazing animals . Augusto and I will become employees of Animal Wonders and that means that we devote 100 percent of our time to the well being of the animals. Daily walks, training new behaviors, interaction and behavioral enrichment, projects devoted to caring for their well being. We can increase our educational output; making more videos, giving more presentations, taking more interns and students. We can also expand current enclosures or build new ones so we can rescue more animals. Like recently, we rescued Rook, the raven.    What do you think? Would you like to become one of our subscribers and help Animal Wonders thrive? Be one of the many quills?    Thank you as always for being such an amazing community. I love what we have going on here. You're asking all these questions, you're making me learn more, and share more. Put your questions and comments in the links below and always you can find me on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and now you can even find me on Vine and Instagram! Yay!