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We recently talked with Dr. Kate O'Brien, director of the Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals at the World Health Organization. We spoke with Dr. O'Brien about how the Covid vaccine works, how it gets distributed, and how we distribute it equitably.

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1:27 Safety questions and concerns about quick development of the vaccine.
7:18 Have we entered a new age where all vaccines will be developed this easily and quickly?
8:41 Questions about vaccine distribution – how’s it gonna work?
10:36 How do we make sure we distribute the vaccine equitably?
11:59 How do we make sure all countries get the same seat at the vaccine table?
13:29 What are reasonable expectations about the vaccine and life returning to “normal”?
15:14 Misinformation about the vaccine
17:00 Specific myths about the vaccine
18:18 The bigger picture – what have we learned from this pandemic that we should apply in the future?

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