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So Shay and I had the same 6:00 flight out of SFO last week and we were up so late we decided not to we were once competitors in BlogTV's iron man competition, it brought back some memories

But mostly we just rolled around on the floor laughing...I mean, why not.

I slept the entire next day.
Hank Green: Hello.

Shay Carl: Hey, John.

Hank: We're doing thoughts from places. What is the place, Shay?

Shay: We are in the SFO, San Francisco Airport, at, what time is it, three? What time did they say we can go through security?

Hank: 4:15 It's about 3:-3:15.

Shay: So we have an hour.

Hank: Yeah.

Shay: We are here at 3:15 am--

Hank: AM.

Shay: What does that stand for? What does AM stand for? You're a Vlogbrother--

Hank: After morning.

Shay: (laughs) I don't think that's what it means, but it sounds like it makes sense. Anti-Meridian, is that what it is?

Hank: I don't remember.

Shay: We are here at 3:15 Anti-Meridian. And uh, we just--

Hank: I don't know what it means.

Shay: -talked to the TSA. I think it's Anti--well, I like after morning, I really do. I--let's say that's what it means.

Hank: Okay.

Shay: We just spoke with a TSA agent and he was--he was very stern.

Hank: He didn't think you were very funny.

Shay: No-I was like--

Hank: But then--but then he took your joke to the rest of the people at TSA--

Shay: And they all cracked up, right?

Hank: And they all cracked up.

Shay: Because we were like--I, I said hey we're here to go through and he goes, "well you have an hour" and I said, "Where... where can we get the Bon Jovi tickets?" and he said, "I don't know," but then he told everybody else and they all seemed to be laughing--

Hank: Yeah and he was ... he was like, he was like "I have no idea what the Bon Jovi tickets are, sir".

Shay: But then we walked away and then they all started cracking up hilariously.

Hank: Well, you also screamed "I love you" as we were walking away.

Shay: I love you. Just so you know, we are laying on the floor of some--

Hank: Yeah.

Shay: cafe in the hotel--

Hank: Yeah, so, so more speci-- more specifically, this, this thoughts from places is thoughts from the floor of the San Fran--

Shay: And it's cool.

Hank: airport cafe.

Shay: It's very cool

Hank: Yeah. What material is this Shay?

Shay: Uh, it's, it's some sort of granite, I assume.

Hank: You're an expert.

Shay: It's very cool. It's very cool in, uh, in temperature.

Hank: Yeah, for some reason my back is craving this.

Shay: It feels good. Realistically you would think that laying on a stone floor ain't the best.

Hank: Right.

Shay: But, uh, we've been standing for the last fourteen hundred hours--

Hank: Yeah so laying on anything--

Shay: Which is a slight over exaggeration but it does feel nice.

Hank: Like, I'm down here because I wanted to plug my phone in 'cause it's out of batteries and I was looking for a plug but then I didn't get up.

Shay: It feels good, like it's a -- a flat surface so you get this flat situation.

Hank: Mm hmm. It's a flat situation.

Shay: My arms, my fat arms are like, listen up. Shh shh, listen to the audio, ready?

*arms slap on floor* (both laugh)

Shay: I was like tryna give some good audio but that really hurt my arms. I hope I make the video, hello John .

Hank: I'm probably just gonna post this whole thing.

Shay: This is like a one taker.

Hank: How was the-- How was-- How has this thing been?

Shay: It's been awesome. We were at, uh, DigiTour Tour 2011.

Hank: Woo.

Shay: And we, we were like, uh, what were we? They like flew us in like as like...

Hank: They flew you in, I just stopped by.

Shay: Oh, you did.

Hank: Yeah, well you hosted.

Shay: I did host.

Hank: You were awesome.

Shay: But we were on stage together and we discussed VidCon 2011--

Hank: Woo, VidCon.

Shay: VidCon 2011--

Hank: That's why I was in L.A. Doin' VidCon stuff.

Shay: Oh, you were negotiating contracts--

Hank: A little bit.

Shay: Do we look like we're gonna make love on this ground.

Hank: Your ear is really hot.

(Both laughing)

Shay: I was like, your hair's tickling my... Your hair is tickling my face for some reason.

(Both laughing)

Shay: Anyways, we-- we're, we're both catching a flight to Salt Lake in an hour from now.

Hank: We may be a little bit punchy.

Shay: It's late, we're tired. We haven't slept in like, like 3 decades and we're really tired so--

Hank: I wanna go to bed Shay.

Shay: You know, follow me on Twitter, it's Shay Carl is the tag .

(Both laughing)

Hank: Earlier this evening, Shay may or may not have been accosting random strangers in downtown--

Shay: Well that happened, that happens--

Hank: In downtown--

Shay: I did hug some Mexican men.

Hank: Yeah, yeah, he said--

Shay: They were large Mexican men--

Hank: "No kissing, no kissing".

Shay: The guy was, he was like cool with me hugging him--

Hank: "No kissing, no kissing".

Shay: He was like "Don't kiss me, don't kiss me" and it was like he knew me or somethin'. He, he knew that I was a guy who liked to kiss other men. Which isn't...

Hank: Yeah, you look-- you definitely look like--
(Both laughing)

Shay: Where were we? Listen, so we're leaving in a hour to go to Salt Lake City and, uh, we're laying on the floor.

Hank: Just to be clear like we're not on drugs.

Shay: No! We've only done minimal drugs.

Hank: You've done some alcohol, I'm not on anything except for sleep deprivation. You maybe had a drink.

Shay: Or eighteen.

(Both chuckle)

Shay: We're here and we're waiting.

Hank: He's an exaggerator. We've also been laying on this floor for eighteen million hours and--

Shay: Yeah, that's true.

Hank: We were standing up for fourteen hundred days .

Shay: Here's the problem though is that it- it's Sarah Evershed's fault, in truthfully and actuality because, well, for me. You happenstance booked the same flight that she booked for me--

Hank: Well it took--

Shay: Which is six--

Hank: Well, the reason that she did that--

Shay: AM in the morning.

Hank: Because, because there was a flight at 6AM for 400 dollars and a flight at 12 that was, I'm not kidding, eighteen hundred.

Shay: So, do the Math on that one, what's cheaper?

Hank: So, they didn't-- so, you were not worth that much.

Shay: Right! They're like--

Hank: Your comfort--

Shay: They're like, we are willing to fly you out at 6 AM and I was like, well, I guess I'm not sleeping tonight because waking up at 4 AM to get to the airport is not worth it so it's like stay up all night.

Hank: Right, I mean we'd have had to get a hotel for 2 hours.

Shay: Which is-- Shh!

Hank: Pay two hundred dollars--

Shay: *whispering* There's an audio message.

Hank: Yeah, it's telling us that the US--

Shay: They're like you will wait for another hour.

Hank: Threat level has been raised to orange--

Shay: To orange, yeah.

Hank: It's orange, really? It's been raised to orange.

Shay: I don't know why though, why's it at orange?

Hank: They always-- It's, it hasn't been raised, it's always been at
orange. It's never not been orange.

Shay: Which is kind of coincidental because orange is my favorite color so--

Hank: Ah, you just love that threat level, that's a perfect threat level.

Shay: I'm like I hope it always stays at orange. I hope we're always on the, on the near brink of disaster. On, on, uh, you know terrorist disaster 'cause orange is my favorite color and coincidentally Halloween is also my favorite holiday so it's cool that way.

Hank: That probably has something to do with your orange fetish.

Shay: That's probably true.

Hank: Do you like Jersey Shore girls?

Shay: No.

Hank: They're orange.

Shay: I do not like those girls. Anyhoosleswatsits, we are here on a granite floor waiting for an airplane to take us--

Hank: You're trying to take control of my vlogs Shay. You're tryna be like "anyway, we're gonna end the vlog now".

Shay: I'm vloggin' here!

Hank: This is my camera, my arms are the ones that are totally tired holding this up--

Shay: I just feel like-- yeah, you are the one. I feel like we're goin' Jersey Shore and I feel like --

Hank: We should wrap it up.

Shay: I'm tryna reign it back in.

Hank: I agree, we should wrap it up, we should wrap it up, we should wrap it up.

Shay: Well, anyways.

Hank: Thoughts from a floor of an airport in a cafe in San Francisco.

Shay: Where were we earlier? What was the location?

Hank: Mountain View?

Shay: Mountain View, yeah.

Hank: That-- That's where you accosted people on the street and told them to follow you on Twitter.

Shay: I did.

Hank: Follow me on Twitter!

Shay: Listen, I got 7 more Twitter followers tonight so that's good.

Hank: Yeah, I'm sure that they went right to their cell phones and added you on Twitter.

Shay: On their Nexus Ones and their iPhones. That's how you get-- That's how you get a following.

Hank: Yeah, that's how-- That's how Shay has gotten every one of his subscribers.

Shay: I've accosted--

Hank: By accosting them.

Shay: I've accosted all 910,000 people.

Hank: I was a little worried you were gonna get shot in the face but it was a good neighborhood.

(Shay laughing)

Hank: I guess we'll end it there.

Shay: Alright, see you guys later.

Hank: Bye.

Shay: This is-- This has been--

Both: Thoughts from--

Shay: places

Hank: the floor of an airport

Shay: Of an airport. That's where we're at. Love you John. *blows kiss at camera*

Shay: See you on-- What's the next day?

Hank: Uh, this isn't , this isn't going on Vlogbrothers.

Shay: Oh, OK (laughs)

Hank: It's-- 'cause it's 25 minutes long.

(Both laugh)

Shay: This is Hank Green tard.

Hank: Yeah, this is Hank, Hanktard.

Shay: Hanktard. Alright, see you soon.

Hank: Bye everyone.

Shay: Pchwww!