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Hank and John in 1981:

In which John rides a combine for the corn harvest in Indiana and then returns to the Paper Towns movie set, where he learns some cinematography from the professionals, goofs off with Nat Wolff, and generally fails at executive production.

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Good morning Hank, it's Monday.

I spent the weekend back home in Indianapolis. I actually got to ride a combine with Henry, and learn about, like, contemporary American farming practices from this amazing farmer named Terry. I know this is a very Midwestern thing and may not resonate with you, Hank, but A: I love corn, B: I love gigantic machines, so it was like, just a dream come true. Anyway, now I'm back on the Paper Towns set.

We're shooting some of the abandoned mini mall scenes today. It looks incredible. I can't show it to you, but I'm- agh, I'm so excited.

Alright, I'll show you a little bit. Remember this shirt from our childhood? And speaking of our childhoods...

So Hank, on Thursday, you posted this picture of us from circa 1981- by the way, significant improvement in my pointing game now that we're, like, a week into Pizzamas.

In response, Nerdfighters have been doing some Photoshopping, like us as a rap duo, us playing cards... ah, Hank, the many gifts of Pizzamas! Nerdfighters, if you want to Photoshop further, there is a link in the dooblydoo. Okay, I have to go back to the set.

Justice: I am also here. (Laughter)

John: Sorry. Hey, Nat, how's it going?

Justice: Hey! Radar's also here.

John: Look at that camera. I have intense camera envy.

Okay, Hank, here's how 90% of my time on set is spent: In between takes, I can, ah, listen to Nat, and Justice, and Austin make jokes, and they're always very funny, so that's nice. Then I watch the monitors, which I can't really show you, except for, like, ah, this. And then after every take there's all these discussions about, like, oh, should it be bigger, should it be smaller, was the lighting...

Nat: Aaaah.

John: Uh oh... videobombed.

And so everyone tries to figure out like how to make the movie good, and then they're like, "Well, John, what do you think?", and I'm like, "I think that this is amazing!". "Every take is ridiculously good, the camerawork is much better than in my vlogging, the acting is a-astonishingly good!" And then they all go back to talking about lighting and stuff. So basically I don't really have a job. But I have a chair.

Director Jake Schreier wears his suit every single day to set, and his shoe game is always exceptionally strong. How's the movie going?

Jake: The movie's going super well, John Green. How do you feel?

John: Good. The way you say my name is so weird. It's like one syllable.

Jake Schreier: John Green.

John: Yeah.

The other big thing that happens on set is I try to get advice from people, like-

Nat: Oh yeah.

John: Like, uh, cinematographer David Lansenberg taught me a little about using the camera.

David: Let's frame from the bottom.

John: Frame from bottom?

David: Yeah, like this.

John: Oh this is, this is when I look best?

David: Like that. (John laughs). This is the best.

John: What do you think of this shot?

David: I like this shot.

John: Yeah.

David: A little bit more depth would be good.

John: How do I make more depth?

David: You know what, the, the background over there is not bad. Turn around.

John: Oh, this is nice. Wait, where am I going?

David: There.

John: There?

David: There. You get the streets...

John: Then I go to the wardrobe department and Mary Claire teaches me how to dress. All in all, it's pretty exciting. Oh, I just realized that I got a green screen behind me. You could do anything to my head! I'm moving so you can't mess with my head.

Hank, thank you for the lesson in stars and planets; I will see you tomorrow. 

P.S. Nerdfighters, there are only four days left in Pizzamas, so if you want my mustachioed face on any of these items, you must order in the next four days. Link in the dooblydoo, goodbye!