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Wherein we travel to the edge of the universe with Hank and John Green of VlogBrothers.

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Filmed, edited, scored, and poked by Michael Aranda
John: Well just talk about normal things instead of being all weird. Just be Hank. Just be that normal person you were before today.

Hank: (laughs)

John: Every other day until today, that guy. I mean we're sitting there, Michael you have to understand, we are sitting in a tour van, we've been in the van for like eight hours, and basically, apropos of nothing, Hank says, "Do you know that there's no edge of the universe?"

Hank: John, John just was like, "Do not allow this astrophysical mumbo-jumbo in my car."

John: It's not that it was--

Katherine: It's the way that you were saying it.

John: It's was the way that you were saying it. If you had been like, "Hey, here's a really interesting fact: the observable universe has no edge--"

Hank: It's because I was fascinated!

John: You weren't saying, "The," you know, "Did you know, John, that the observable universe has no edge?" You were saying, "Dude... No edge." 


John: Do you understand the difference?

Hank: I was-- does that not accurately convey the way that you feel about that? That's how I feel about it. 

Female voice: And we'd been eating the s--

John: That doesn't convey-- No. Here's how I feel about it: that's interesting. Is it the most interesting thing that I found out today? No, the most interesting thing that I found out today was that like, you know, chocolate chip Clif bars are delicious. 

Hank: No edge!

John: (laughter)

Michael: What does Katherine do before a show?

Katherine: Woo! I set up all this crap. 

Michael: Oh.

John: Yeah. 

Katherine: I get things organized.

Michael: You do everything, everything is done by Katherine.

John: She's just being a roadie, you know.

Katherine: I'm the roadie. And then during the show I hide.

John: Yes and then after--

Katherine: Especially after.

John: After, after, crouched in a corner, pretending to text.

(High-hat and then drum set starts playing.) 

(Music plays over a montage of clips from the show.)

John: I heard you coughing in the, uh, puppet stage the whole time. And I heard you like trying to time your coughs to the laughs.

Hank: You could tell.

John: You, as I was getting ready to say, um like, "I love when you talk medical to me," I was like, "I hope Hank remembers that they laugh then, and had a nice big long cough." 

Hank: Yeah, uh-huh.

John: But it sounded good though.

Hank: (coughs)

Outro: Arandavision.