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00:36 - Is there any research on of there are any health benefits with coconut oil?

1:16 - Are there any high quality research on the efficacy of ketogenic diets in adults to aid in seizure control?

3:23 - What do you think of this? Ketamines use in drug resistant depression.

5:13 - Is there any research to show if the graphic anti-smoking ads being effective? If so, could the same principle be applied to other unhealthy habits such as tanning?

9:10 - Like many people, I am watching events in Flint Michigan with horror. There is a lot of talk about how the lead exposure is going to effect the kids. I wonder if you could explain some of the science behind this, and what medical and other help those kids might benefit from.

11:35 - My daughter drinks one cup of a caffeinated tea every morning (think very weak black tea, only with more sugar) because it (quote) "Makes waking up so much easier".
Is that much harmful? Should I consider getting one with no caffeine?

14:13 - Is there any research on "leaky gut syndrome" or is it all made up?

15:26 - Does blue light from cell phones really hurt sleep?

16:17 - My 2yo daughter has been sent home for stuff like excema and dry skin, and I'm wondering if the school's ANY rash = get sent home policy is evidence-based.

18:38 - Lack of agricultural research funding: How big of a public health issue?

19:47 - What are you thoughts on the new anticoagulants (rivaroxaban, apixaban, etc) that focus on less monitoring vs the older types like warfarin? Is that an effective strategy to have more resilient drugs?

22:00 - How long is a cold contagious for? I've been sick for 10 days and I'll be visiting someone on chemo this weekend. I don't want to get them sick, of course!

23:35 - (there was a glitch here with the livestream) You said your kids go to bed early is there any advantage or disadvantage of them going to be later.
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