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Lizzie: So, a lot of things have been happening at Collins and Collins lately. But despite all the crazy, the funny, and the Darcy, I thought it’d be great to answer some more of your awesome questions. My name is Lizzie Bennet, you finally saw Darcy, so let’s answer some other questions.

(Intro plays)

Lizzie: From ninjapineapple on twitter: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses? Well, since I don’t like birds I think a one-ton giant duck would be crazy scary, so I will take one hundred mini horses.

From Kate W on YouTube: Who is your favorite English teacher slash professor and why? Well, she doesn’t teach English, but my favorite professor is Dr. Gardner. She’s super enriching and inspiring and the best professor ever! Too much?

From Darth Lolita on twitter: Been wondering, are you now more sympathetic to those who try to attain economic stability while sacrificing their dreams? Yes. But only as long as they’re happy with their life.

From Wonder fleeable on YouTube: How is Charlotte? Charlotte’s awesome. Maybe a bit stressed, but it’s been really great to see her take this company and run with it. I am super proud of her.

From Allison R on Facebook: When is Mary going to come on your show and not just on Lydia’s? And where is Kitty? Well right now, Kitty is at home and I’m not, and I guess for Mary to be on my show she’d have to come and visit. I haven’t seen her in forever. 

From Nicole Horlings on twitter: Has George messaged you at all since he left? Nope. Not even a tweet. Next.

From Becky H on Facebook: Do you ever worry that Lydia’s party-girl tendencies will get her into trouble, legal or otherwise? Every day, Becky. Every. Day. But, actually, considering her tendencies, Lydia does a pretty good job of staying out of trouble. 

From Meg vs. the world on twitter: I don’t know if you’ve been asked this before, but does Mr. Collins ever speak, well, like a normal human being?

Collins (running in): Good afternoon, Miss Bennet! Oh, I see you are once again speaking to your internet-connected brethren. Are you presenting them with any wise words of wisdom?

Lizzie: Sort of.

Collins: Could I assist in any of your video diary needs?

Lizzie: I’m just doing a Q&A today

Collins: Oh, interactivity, of course! Such a progressive and shrewd way to connect to your audience! You know, in a way, you’re providing them a channel to-

Lizzie: Actually, you know what? There are some questions for you today.

Collins: Really? That’s splendid! Please carry on!

Lizzie: From Mysterious C on twitter: What is Rick- Mr. Collins’ fiancée’s name?

Collins: Jamie.

Lizzie: Will she ever come visit the offices?

Collins: Doubtful, she’s quite shy.

Lizzie: Okay! Last question. From Maria Lu on YouTube: Hey Lizzie! Aren’t the offices great? Do Charlotte and Mr. Collins miss me? Hey Maria, of course Charlotte misses you, and she’s really looking forward to seeing you when she’s home for the holidays.

Collins: Miss Young Lu! Fantastic to receive your digital message! I do indeed miss your energetic personality around these offices and look forward to the day our paths may cross again! And I hope you are excited about the first Better Living video!

Lizzie: Oh, is that up?

Collins: Indeed! Would you mind linking to it in the description?

Lizzie: Not a problem. 

Collins: Thank you, Miss Bennet! Well, I must depart. Viewers! (Waves to camera, leaves)

Lizzie: Thanks again everyone for asking such great questions. Keep them coming. And be sure to check out Better Living with Collins and Collins right here.

(Outro plays)