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After a few years of being unable to gather in-person due to the pandemic, fan community events are slowly beginning to return and virtual spaces are facing a changing landscape.

Uplift is a nonprofit dedicated to combating sexual violence in online fandom communities through education and advocacy. We believe that the internet and online communities can be incredible tools for good, and work to ensure that these communities are safe for the people who connect through them.

This past year we created resources that include our guidance for when your community won’t kick out your abuser and intervening when someone tells a rape joke. We also explored the impact of high profile abuse cases on survivors. Recently, we were thrilled to launch our free course for community leaders.

From developing a code of conduct to responding to harassment and building a team of moderators, our online curriculum will introduce you to the fundamentals of building a safer space for all. Think of an online community where you spend your social time. Have you ever seen someone being harassed or bullied?

Codes of conduct, also known as community guidelines, empower you as a community member to understand the standards of the community and take action. In my role as the Programs Director of Uplift I establish partnerships with convention and online community leaders and help organizations craft codes of conduct. A code of conduct typically consists of 3 sections: community values, violations of the policy, and methods of reporting.

Resources like these are made possible through donations and grants. This weekend we have the opportunity to win a grant from the Project for Awesome. Uplift is a small staff and every donation (and vote) goes a long way.

Please vote every day this weekend for all of Uplift's videos by going to Thank you.