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John gets the all clear from Dr. Henry and the guys work on speed training with Laura.

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Follow along:
Dr. Henry: Okay, it is some swelling there.

John: I don't know if that's swelling. I'd like to think it's just a huge muscle, but I think it might be swelling.

Welcome back to 100 days. So day 77 was a Sunday and a rest day for me. Chris did hot yoga. You can see more of our food over at the community tab. Day 78 brought another work out with Laura. We started with a metric check. 

John: Get ready, world. Here we go!

Chris: C'mon John, get it! Get it! Get it!

Narrator John: First we did pull-ups - I made it to 18, and Chris to 9.

John: You're saving that 10 for Day 100.

Chris: Well, I mean...

John: You're Smart, you're smart, you're building towards a metric.

Then we both got brave and tried to do a pull-up without our bands... Yeah, that wasn't smart. Afterwards, it was wall sit time. I made it to 3 minutes, and Chris to 5 minutes. Laura knows we've been working hard towards our 10km goal so she had us do speed work on the treadmills that day.

Laura: So, you've got an anaerobic and an aerobic system, so the only way to increase your aerobic ability is to go anaerobic for short periods of time and then that will like raise your anaerobic ceiling.

Laura actually taught me how to do speed work a feel weeks ago so I've been doing a lot of it at home and it's made a tremendous difference in my running. Basically, you run or jog for 3 to 5 minutes slower than you would normally go and then for 1 minute by sprinting. At this point, my heart rate was over 160 which is anaerobic for me. Normally you'd want to do this cycle eight times, but we cut it short because we only had an hour, and also because Chris broke the treadmill.

John: It broke the... It broke the treadmill.

Laura: Aw, sh---

(Cut to P.I.P.)

John: I mean Chris is so powerful...

Chris: Mmmm

John:...and so fast, and so strong that he broke the treadmill.

Chris: That's true.

John: It's amazing. 

Chris: It's true, yeah, I mean it's like whenever, uh, I don't know if you guys remember, but when Moses Malone broke the backboard in the early 80s?

John: I don't, I don't remember that.

Chris: You guys don't remember that? It was right when Terms of Endearment came out. 

Then we did some of our normal exercises; the roller boards made a comeback.

Chris: Did that look as graceful as it felt?

Laura: (Laughs)

John: F**king Majestic.

Chris: F**king Majestic.

We did jump ropes, planks, riser jumps, burpees, and TRX rows and curls.

Chris: Laura, you just have to fly, like a bird.

John: Oh, look at Henry. I said "look at Henry" because of your current maturity level. I meant "look at Chris", though.

I had some trouble with these leg lifts.

Chris and Laura: Leg lifts.

Chris: Left your legs up in the air, straight... Yes, oh!

Laura: Don't you do anything with that, just lift.

John: *Breathless* Oh, just lift. Oh, yeah, okay, got it. Thanks, that helps. Just do that for 30 seconds. 

On the food front: my food tracking and eating, in general, continues to improve, and Chris is also improving. Kind of...

So as I mentioned in the last episode, my knee has been swelling and acting up, so on Day 79 I had an appointment with Dr. Henry to address the problem. It started with the usual blood pressure, oxygen and heart rate checks, and then I answered some questions about my knee and some movements. Basically, Dr. Henry told me it was one of two things: Patellofemoral Syndrome or an injured Meniscus. He gave me some exercises to do at home and we have a follow-up appointment scheduled, but as for exercise he told me it was ok to keep going, there might be a little discomfort, so I might have to ice it or rest it, but I just needed to let my body be the boss. So that day I ended up doing a 5-mile run on the treadmill, and the knee felt pretty good.

Here's some of our Day 79 food.

Day 80 we had a nice relaxing yoga session on the agenda. Like last time we did a lot of your standard yoga poses: Downward Dog, Chair, Plank, Cobra, Triangle, Warrior 2, and I enjoyed the yoga even if it didn't exhaust me. There are definitely some benefits to yoga that are hard to get in other types of exercise. For instance, this posed was a really good stretch for the IT band. The Iliotibial band is really important for knee stabilization and that's something that runners like Chris and now, I guess, also myself, depend on. 

John: This is the stretch I've been waiting for my whole life.

Yoga Teacher: (Laughs)

We also got some great groin stretches and hamstring stretches. If you've been following along with us and have ramped up your running in the last 80 days, I really recommend at least trying a yoga class. Even, if like me, you can't touch your toes, as long as you take it easy, this kind of stuff: flexibility, balance, and stretching, really improves your running and can possibly even prevent an injury. 

John: I don't understand how you're doing that.

Yoga Teacher: (Laughs)

Chris: Science. Get a spine transplant like Worf did on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

John: Ah, that hurts so bad *bleep*.

Yoga Teacher: (Laughs)

John: Ah, God...

But this particular class was really hard for me. It's funny because I didn't sweat much but it's really hard to hold these poses. At the same time there's something almost meditative about yoga and the way they talk to you. It takes a level of concentration that not every class does, and I do think that I'm getting better at it. Like, the happy baby pose is definitely not something that I could have done 80 Days ago, so it's cool to see that progress. 

And here's some of our Day 80 food pictures. Chris! Ice cream! Really? During 100? You couldn't wait 'til day 101?! Anyway, I'll see you on Day 81.

[End Credit Music]

John: Ah man, this is just f**king beautiful, I can only imagine how this looks on screen right now.

(General laughter)

Chris: One might say you look f**king majestic right now.

John: I do, I do.