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In which Hank does what people on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit told him to do. Turned out OK, I think.

Here's where I asked:

And here are the weird things I like:

Minecraft Server

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Good morning John.
So for the first time in a long time, I don't have anything like super pressing to make a video about today. I mean, I got ideas, got plenty of ideas, but instead of doing one of those things, I decided to turn this video over to the Nerdfighters of Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Reddit to decide for me what I would do in this video.

"Pretend to be a crab!"
Oookay. (exhales)

Donald Glover. All the way.

"Show us Lemon and her derpiness!"

"Talk about throwing paper balls near cats and their subsequent reactions."
Felis Catus, the domesticated house cat. Interests include meat pâté, warm things and strings. The cat considers the paper ball to be a little bit like a mice. It moves and skitters and makes noises like a mice but is not juicy like a mice.


"Nerdy Valentines Day jokes!"
I could never break up with my goalie girlfriend, she's a keeper. I have a friend who married a librarian. Instead of giving him a ring at the wedding ceremony, she just stamped him: "Not for circulation". Yeah, nup, movin' on!

"Can you tell us anything about your book?"
Yeah, I'm thinking about writing a fiction-y thing. Right now it's about a girl and a robot and what it means to be human.

"Please play Minecraft!"
This is the Nerdcrafteria Minecraft server which is always beautiful but is right now decorated for Valentines Day. Isn't it adorable?

"Don a Speedo, cover self in peanut butter/bacon mixture, talk about Gundam."
No! No.

"TV recommendations please!"
Agent CarterAgent CarterAgent CarterAgent CarterAgent Carter.

Andrew asks: "What are some of your favorite things that likely very few people have heard of?"
The animated series Kodocha, Locke and Key comics, Paolo Bacigalupi, the creations of Neil Cicierega, the board game Robot Ricochet and let's go with TheThirdPew.

"Show us your lunch!"
Five Guys! They have free peanuts but I have to have my hamburgers on hot dog buns because I can't eat sesame seeds.

"Make video explaining the Keystone XL Pipeline."
Okay, uh, the Keystone XL is an extension of the current Keystone Pipeline. It would go all the way from Alberta to Louisiana, which is a long way. The idea being we could get all the oil from the Tar Sands down to the ports there where we could ship it all over the world. I think this is a bad idea, the biggest reason is that the Tar Sands are the second biggest sink of carbon in the world. And they're a super inefficient source of oil. It takes a lot of energy, and thus produces a lot of carbon dioxide, just to turn it into a usable product. So you're creating a ton of carbon dioxide even before you burn the oil. Tar Sands are what we call unconventional oil, and ideally, we will leave all of the unconventional oil in the ground. 'Cause once we start burning the unconventional oil, there is so much of it, there's just so much and it, that's just game over for climate change.

"Try spinning a staff/baton/sword/stick."

"Draw my life!"
Okay, we've not done that yet. I'm Hank Green. I live in Montana, where I take up a trivial amount of space. Montana, on the other hand, is a fairly small percentage of the earth. The earth, meanwhile, is a truly minuscule amount of space in the solar system which is likewise basically insignificant compared to the size of our galaxy which, once again, is completely trivial compared to the size of the known universe. My life will take place during an amount of time, that is on a universal scale, not just insignificant, but unnoticeable. My life. I drew it.

"Make a cover song or a parody!"
(sung to the tune of Blank Space by Taylor Swift) 'Cause it's all up on my head part, well maybe just the front. Being the owner of it ain't hard, can't think of what I'd rather want. I've been told it's pretty awesome, better than a bottle of champagne. I got a Hank face baby, and I'll write your name. (sung-spoken) On my face. I won't actually do that though.

Okay, I think that's good, it's probably going to be about 4 minutes. I'm guessing, but I've been doing this for a while so I'm probably spot on. We'll see. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.