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The crew brings the Blue Pikmin back from the brink of extinction. Finally.
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays the same freaking day over again of Pikmin 3 here on hankgames times two, the gaming channel that respects your time. Alright, I should have skipped all this stuff, I'm sorry, 'cause you've seen it before, probably. So there's this guy, and he's sleeping and he's maybe got the cosmic drive key or...? No, he doesn't have it. But he maybe knows where it is. And you should really slap him because he's about to do a terrible thing. He's about to escape with our fruit juice, which is the only thing that keeps us alive. We are all diabetics or something, I don't know what's up. But apparently if you don't have fruit juice at the end of the day, everyone dies.

That's Louie, he's running away. I don't know where he's going or how he gets there because I'm about to--something just exploded. I don't know what exploded either. I would like some key lime pie. Having a craving. "Where did this ground come from?! Why aren't we in space?!" That's right, Louie. The rubber ducky! I forgot that he stole our rubber ducky too. That's terrible. He stole our fruit juice!

Alright. So let's call some Pikmin and try harder this time. K. Let's go. Let's figure this out. Let's find some freaking fruit as quickly as possible. Yes, I know there's a path. This time, we're not messing around! I just tried to kill all my Pikmin. But other than that, not messing around.

Yay, a thing! It's a blue Pikmin, yay! Did you guys succeed? Alright. Dig that up. Go! There's some--there's a strawberry right there! Where, where is that in relation to me? Yes, go back and make more blue Pikmin? Yep. No. Why are there only two of them? There should be three by now, right? Oh, do I? I guess I did, maybe. Oh, I can't put them away! 'Cause I did the thing that I said I wasn't going to do again! I did it! Inefficiency, Hank! Inefficiency. You guys stay here. I got work to do. K.

Alright now. Everybody. Let's get this closer. Actually failed at getting it closer. Alright, as long as I'm not killing those guys. Am I killing those guys? I don't think so. Okay, good. Alright, everybody. Plucking! Okay, I've got a lot of time. Got a lot of time this time to get some fruit. Um...good job. Okay, no I don't want those guys! Oh gosh. It was easier to accidentally kill your Pikmin in the last game, I will say that about this one. It's harder to accidentally kill your Pikmin. I know I do.

Oh no. It hurt me. Kill, kill! Excellently done. This is a fruit, and I don't know--oh, that's how you get out. Well now I know that. I didn't mean to do that, 'cause I'm sure I've read this before. Yeah, pop bubbles...something. Pikmin. I just need to finish this bridge and then I can get that with the black guys. The rock--rocky man. Rocky men. And everything will be fine! Um, so let's take you guys back while they do that, and you guys too. OK. I have to pee, suddenly! Uh!

Well, let's just...let's just do this. Chaaaarge! You got nothing on me. Heh heh heh. See, and now I'm gonna have fruit. Wasn't that hard. Wree! Well, I'm just doing much much better today than I was before. "We'd better find food!" Oh, they're just gonna take it straight through the water, 'cause they don't care! They're blue Pikmin!

Staging area here. Fruit recovered! You guys gonna get some of this? That's right, you are. Okay. Plucking. Let's see if we can get two fruits today! What are you doing? Did I just grab some yellows? I did. K. Oh, look at 'em go! Did I get--is that all? Get it! Oh man. Take that! And there's a frickin' strawberry right there too. Alright everybody, things are going well. Dirt wall.

Okay, I just--I feel like this--this is going so much better than it did yesterday anyway that it's great. Is that enough of you guys? Thirteen, that should be enough. We worked so hard to get that fruit. K, excellent. Oh no no no, you stupid! And my friend, I also threw him. Yep, now we got an army to fight with! Nope. What's happening? Fight 'em! Yeah! Take 'em out! You guys are good at your jobs.

Okay, now where's that orange? Woah, I am in a hole. Yeah! Ma-wrear! Are you gonna--oh no, are you stuck? Oh, I have one down there anyway. Everybody here? Aw, I didn't mean to do that! Yes. Bubbles. Don't fall. Oh, I can go through the crack. Well, I need to--there's--I think I left some guys back here though. So many fruits this time. I did. K, excellent. Yay! Everything's so much better today! No reason to panic at all.

Missing two things. Missing two Pikmins. Two Pikmins! Two Pikmins are missing! Back at the camp. Two... Where are you guys? Oh, they're back there. Oh, they're back there. Oh I have to just...switch guys. Yeah, but sometimes you have to... Yeah, I think so. Yeah. There's one right around here somewhere. Somewhere. There. What the heck. I went down specifically to get you, and you did not come up. Everything's fine, I'm gonna get'ya. Right over here. Gotcha. Everything's good! K. No one is in danger! Everything's fine, except that I have to pee, and we're not going to die of fruit juice coma...whatever that was that's wrong with us as a species. One day--I mean, seriously, Brittany went without fruit juice...maybe she had a bunch in her suit, I don't know. I don't know. You guys need to be more careful, that's all I gotta say. Be more vigilant. Don't let--don't let people just sleep unobserved in your spaceship.

Alright, we're gonna have a joining of onions, an onion merge! And it's gonna be great! Look at it go. Yeah! Feel each other! Moo! I don't know why I was mooing. Yeah! "It's increased in size again!" "You don't think the Drake could get absorbed too, do you?"

"This one is really tasty!" A searing acidshock. Better than nothing. And a sunseed berry, which I've had plenty of. None of these are new fruits, I don't think. Eh. Weep-weep, weep-weep, weep-weep, weep-weep, weep-weep, weep-weep, that's a delicious-looking orange. Or satsuma, or whatever the heck it is. Alrighty! Alright-a-dongle. Ah, this one's got extra juice. We got three juices! I know, this is very sad. Curse him! Yeah, I know! It's important to have fruit! I mean, yes, that's the reason why we're here. Also, it would be easier to just explore if we didn't have no way of getting back--look at that, I got as many blues as I got rock men already! Hm. That's crazy.

What does Alphie have to say for himself? "The blue Onion was only able to produce a single Blue Pikmin. I wonder if that took its last bit of strength. But thank goodness we were able to dig the Onion out. The Blue Pikmin may very well have been on the verge of extinction!" Love, Alph.

You will not see me, and I will not see you on this next hankgames times two, with Hank Green playing Pikmin 3, but you will hear me when I am back later...on a different day than today. Goodbye.