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The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!

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Matt: Hey there, I am Matthew Gaydos and welcome to The Warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you.

We didn’t really get any new merch this week so, sadly, there is no new merch news segment, but there were a couple things that went up on the website last week that I forgot to mention in last week’s video, so here those are.

First up we have this brand new CTFxC wristband, and just like the t-shirts I told you guys about last week, the profits from this wristband are also going to support brain cancer research.

Another product that went up on the site last week that I forgot to mention is this Hunger Games inspired HPA poster. It is part of their current “Odds in our favor” campaign, which, if you would like to learn more about, go to Speaking of the “Odds in our favor” campaign, these stickers right here will be in every single DFTBA order from now until we run out of stickers to help support the “Odds in our favor” campaign.

And while that does it for the sort of, but not really, new merch news, I do have updates on pre-orders for you guys.

Continuing with our HPA theme, those of you who pre-ordered the “Books Turn Muggles into Wizards” sweatshirt will be happy to know that we got these in and they are already on their way to you.

And speaking of hoodies, we expect to receive the Fault in Our Stars hoodies this week, so if you pre-order one of those, those will also be shipping out by the end of the week.

And last, but most certainly not least, the Fort Awesome shirt is a thing. It’s real, It exists in a physical space and you can order it, and you can touch it and yeah. Any of you lovely people out there who pre-ordered one of these already should be expecting it in your mailbox very soon.

And now for something completely different. We had some visitors drop by The Warehouse this week, so I pulled out the camera, we shot some stuff together. But yeah. Here is bearded Matt from the past and some friends telling you about some stuff.

Andrew: Yay!

Matt: Yay! What are you doing here Andrew?

Andrew: I’m visiting the warehouse. It’s magnificent.

Matthew: But what are you doing in the warehouse? What are you doing here today?

Andrew: Uh, well we’re going to be shooting some, uh, sound video stuff with Hank, Hank Green, and Rob Scallon.

Matthew: Rob, come here

Andrew: Rob! Rob!

(Rob runs past)

Rob: Hey!

Matthew: That was Rob Scallon everyone.

(Rob runs past again)

Matthew: That was him again.

Andrew: Um, yeah. We’re going to be getting boxes and poster tubes and merch and making a little, uh, little sound piece.

Matthew: So there will be a link to your channel and stuff down there so that, when that is a thing, people can watch.

Andrew: It’s beautiful.

Matthew: They can go watch it and I’ll remind you guys about when it’s a thing. But also, Subbable is a thing that you’re on.

Andrew: I’m on it! Newly freshly on it and I love it.

Matthew: What is Subbable?

Andrew; Well Subbable is a cool way for a sub-box to not be broken anymore.

Matthew: Wait a minute. You’re telling me that’s an option?

Andrew: It’s an option. So you can keep up to date with all the stuff that I’m posting, not only on YouTube, but on Instagram, Twitter, things like that. And, uh, there are lots of perks involved. For instance, we’ve got wristbands, Andrew Huang wristbands. They go on like this. Or you could wear them on other places if you so desire. And if you’re not feeling, you know, particularly proud of being a fan of mine, just flip it inside out.

Matthew: You get a sweet black wristband.

Andrew: Black wristband. Everyone could use a black wristband. And here’s… here’s my logo. And it’s, uh, it’s a pin and you can put that, you can put that anywhere you want.

Matthew: Anywhere you want.

Andrew: Right through your skin if you like

Matthew: (At same time as Andrew) Just like the wristband. Umm, I’m gonna go ahead and tell them not to do that.

Andrew: Could you wear this as an earring?

Matthew: I’m not gonna try.

Andrew: Oh that’s a pretty, uh, you’d need a pretty… pretty good hole for that.

Matthew: Yeah, no. Don’t pierce your skin with a lapel pin.

Andrew: Yeah, probably good to have that on record.

Matthew: We don’t want parents. 'My kid!'

Andrew: 'Andrew told me to!'

Matthew: I mean, that’s on you. That’s not on me so (shrugs shoulders). Well thank you, Andrew, for stopping by.

Andrew: Thanks for having me here. What else do we need to say on this show?

Matthew: I think that’s…

Andrew: Shout out to the Gunnarolla “Circle Foods” shirt. (Moves pin towards and away from the camera) Sweet. Some of that.

Matthew: Some of that’s useful.

Andrew: Some of that will be useful.

Matthew: So that does it for this week guys. But I did want to get in a NerdfArt Corner before we go. This week’s selection comes from charsheeeshop on Tumblr, which I’m probably saying wrong so I’m going to put the words on the screen there and you guys can go find it that way. But it is an adorable Looking for Alaska inspired fox design. And while perusing her Tumblr I found this other one that is a “French the Llama” design that seems to be a work in progress and I look forward to seeing that once it’s done. And maybe we can feature that on a future episode of The Warehouse. But that is really it for this week guys. Don’t forget to leave your questions, comments, and your favorite Thanksgiving food down in the comments below. And, you didn’t hear it from me, but a certain thing involving a certain day and a certain color and a certain record label with some letters in the name might be happening this week, so keep your eyes and your ears peeled to the internets and yeah. That’s all, that’s all I’m gonna say.

So as always the links to everything I talked about will be down in the flap. You can find me on my channel at or on the twitters @MatthewGaydos. But I will see you next week for another episode of The Warehouse and as always…

Andrew: Don’t forget to be awesome. Don’t forget.

Matthew: That was a very energetic one.

(4:43) Matthew: Uh, words and stuff and things.

Andrew: We good at the vlog good.

Matthew: Fantastic vlog good peoples.

Andrew: Yes, excellent.

Matthew: It’s almost like we do this on a regular basis.