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The New Channels:

The DFTBA Sale!

Sign up for Health Insurance

Review books on Reviewsday Tuesday!

That's all.
Good morning Joan. Did I just call you Joan? That's different...

I wonder if this is gonna work. If I go like this. You never know what's gonna work with movie magic. The background didn't change but like the - the inference from my facial position - you don't know. Usually it should be like this where I'm coming over here and you're seeing that. I moved my head and also the camera changed position. And you can see this is what this looks like from this angle. Surprise! It's a computer and a window! And a mess, a big terrible mess. And then I'm like whaaat I'm back over here! That's how it should work. But I don't know if it works. If I just do this? I don't know. We're going to find out when I'm editing the video.

Alright, so there's a lot of stuff going on. First - if you're American, and everybody who is not American, this doesn't apply to you. But if you're an American you need to sign up at the Health Care Exchange if you haven't got insurance yet, 'cause the deadline is like three days from now, and if you don't sign up you will be fined because of how you're a drain on society. If you wanna know more about that there's a link in the description.

VidCon! Less than three months away. Freaking out! This guy, right here. Right now we're working constantly on content, the stuff that when you go to VidCon you do. It's time consuming and terrifying, 'cause I want you to have a good time. So I spend a lot of time worrying about it. When I say you, I mean people who can go to VidCon, I apologize to everybody who can't. I - I really am sorry.

We've just launched three new channels. Not - not just, but recently launched three new channels.

How To Adult, with Mike and Emily: a guide to how to graduate from adolescence without completely crashing and burning, which isn't easy.

Two! The Art Assignment, which actually happened before How To Adult, but you've heard of The Art Assignment! It's a project with PBS and Sarah Green in which WE ARE BRINGING CULTURE TO YOUTUBE! If anybody ever tells you that YouTube is a black hole of culture, show them The Art Assignment. Or you could just show them the rest of YouTube, 'cause it's - it's - it's pretty cool.

And three! Launching on April 1st, and no, it's not an April Fools Day joke: SCISHOW SPAAAAAACE! Was that good? Space news, exploration, science, if it takes place not on the planet of Earth we're covering it.

What else? Uh... Cellphone camera time!

Nerdfighters here packing Project For Awesome shirts. Thank you guys! Nerdfighters: "Hi!" Volunteering.

We just switched over to a softer shirt style, um this is an example of one. They're just so much nicer to touch. But that means that we have a bunch of old shirts that we have to get rid of - so those are back on sale at ten dollars. When we moved warehouse, we had a huge sale. We sold all of the ones that we thought we were gonna sell, but now we wanna sell all of them so that we can switch to the new shirts. They are on sale for ten dollars. There's a link in the description.

Say woo. Nerdfighters: "Woo!"

And I just finished my album! It's on this, if you were wondering why I hold up this hard drive while I say that. Fourteen songs, some of them you've heard, some of them you haven't, with my new band Hank Green and The Perfect Strangers. Yes, that is the name of my band. I have a band, and it's called Hank Green and The Perfect Strangers, and it is composed of me, Andrew Huang, Rob Scallon and Joe DeGeorge. And I have a band! The album, barring unforeseen circumstances, will come out at the end of April or beginning of March. No! What comes after April? May!

I wanna make an internet thing, and I'm pretty sure this is how you do it, right, you just say: "I want to make an internet thing!" And then it becomes a thing!

So I love books, and I love receiving personal recommendations for books to read. Well, I wanna make a thing called Reviewsday Tuesday, where every Tuesday you take a picture of a book and then you review it on your Instagram or your Tumblr or your twitter or wherever you put pictures and words. And all that needs to happen for this to be a thing is for us to do it!

And of course, there are lots of other things going on in my life right now, there's CrashCourse Psychology and CrashCourse Literature and Emma Approved and I'm trying to keep my colon healthy and, you know, also maintain a village of several hundred banished villagers - this is a video game I'm talking about right now. I'm not saying it's a bad life, I'm just saying I got a lot going on.

John, I am not comfortable with any outro aside from I will see you on Tuesday. So I will see you on Tuesday.

End screen, audio from The Art Assignment episode:
Sarah: Hi! Today we're outside the studio of the artist David Brooks.
John: Are you trying to be as tall as me?
Sarah: I am as tall as you!
John: No, you are clearly not; you are cheating!