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4:17 - I'm going to Canada for 6 months for a working holiday from Australia. Is there anything i should be checking with my doctor before i leave? Thanks for the show, DFTBA! Male 19

5:52 - Any research done on the nosefrida? I'm worried that even though there's a filter, I can still get sick!

8:05 - Is it safe to semi-regularly(1-2 times per week) train so hard can cause you to vomit?I ask because I am training for an IronMan next year and this does happen from time to time,.

11:40 - Do you think that the DSM-5 has done autists any favours? I've found that it only makes people think that autism isn't real.

14:02 - A study is going around the breastfeeding community claiming it is better for the mother to take a massive dose of vit D rather than baby. I'm curious if you saw this study?

14:46 - What do you think of the recent study published in The International Journal of Epidemiology that found *no* relationship between sitting and mortality rate?

17:20 - I've recently become an adult- how should I find a primary care physician? (My parents see a guy I don't connect with particularly well)

18:18 - What is love?

18:24 - Is chrons disease hereditary?

18:57 - Could you discuss the low FODMAP diet in relation to controling IBS symptoms?

19:33 - What shoud I think about if I want to go vegan?

19:53 - Has there been any research done on what kinds of foods or diet can help or hurt inflammatory issues like arthritis?

20:28 - How is ICD-10 going to affect health care decisions?

21:20 - My doctor did blood tests for food allergies and it said I'm mildly allergic to wheat and sesame seed. However, I read that a positive is only right 55% of the time. Are there better ways to test this

22:06 - Are there any reliable ways to treat migraines other than the medications that control your blood vessel dilation? I have horrible side effects but my doctor keeps saying that it's my only option.
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