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This week's questions:
2:04 thoughts on collagen supplementation either as a powder or a in capsule form for a vegetarian
3:33 Is there a publicly available tool which can calculate the Bayesian probabilities for various diagnostic tests? If not, is anybody maintaining a public data set which could be used to produce such a tool?
5:31 Is it just me or are medical issues concerning only/mostly women not researched as much, not taken as seriously, and have fewer treatment options. (E.g. Chronic Fatigue, fibromyalgia)
7:33 One big selling point of repub plan is cross-state plans. Would that be effective? How would plans from FL be effective in IN?
9:30 Any advice for how to clear up an upper respiratory infection more quickly?
9:46 How much TV is bad for kids under 6?
11:35 does taking medication for symptoms slow down the body from fighting a disease?
13:03 Your recent video about marijuana usage and its effects on IBS and Crohn's...were the tests done on THC marijuana or CBD?
13:46 how do i fix my gut bacteria so i'm not depressed?
14:58 What are your thoughts on the Ben Goldacre book "Bad Pharma"? It personally hurts my faith in medical research, and I'm curious how many grains of salt I should take a medical study with.
16:20 Realistically, how hard would it be to convert the US to a more canadian single payer system?
17:53 Is it ok for me to share a water bottle with my dog on walks? She licks the opening of the bottle when i pour the water into her bowl.
20:01 Thoughts about migraine treatment and why it's solvable for some but a chronic condition for many others?
20:38 My three-month-old has a monstrous placental birthmark on the back of his head. Maybe four square inches, and kind of raised and squishy. What is with these things? It should stop growing, right?
21:38 What are some of the sites/blogs/news sources that you look go to on a regular basis?
23:10 advice as a physician for nurses on how you will like us to approach you to communicate our worries regarding patients at the hospital? thanks
24:21 there any truth to the "set point theory"
25:15 is there anything that's been shown to be consistently effective at reducing Hospital readmissions?
27:13 What is the pulse on marijuana research and the current and future legal limitations on it? What are the repercussions of conducting tests in a 'legal' state currently.
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