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Hank is not a very good driver.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank: Just so you know, this game contains spoilers, it contains bad driving.

I don't know where I'm going. Oh jeez!

Yes sir. Are you giving me directions? Nah! What was that! Oh man.

Oooh my God! I got some air.

Yeah sandwich board, you're mine. Out of my way. Oh my goodness, I am bad at driving.

Whee! Oh man!

Oh come on.

Man oh man have I made a mistake.

Oh, I have to take next right because I'm gonna run out of road here. Don't... But it looks like it might be fun to go straight.

Oh! Oh. The front of my car just fell off.

Weehee! Oh.

Get over it! Yeah.

Oh, get up! Yeah.

I am having too much fun.

So yeah. There's a lot of dr... Oh!

I like destroying things.

Man: Keep it straight! What's so goddamn hard about that?
H: Ah, shut up.

Oh! Take that taxicab.
Man: You got a death wish?
H: You've got a death wish. Ooh, aah, oh man. That was a bad accident.

And run away so I don't kill you.

Right through this red light, no problems.

And I did kind of bad... Oops.

Yeah! That was threading the needle there by Hank Green.

Ooh! Darn it.

Oh, sorry fruit stand.

Oh, this thing does not have good handling.


I'm getting better at the driving too. I've hardly crashed into anybody today.

OK, that person I almost did kill.

Ooh, sorry parking meter.


Oop. Not my fault, not my fault, not my fault!

Wah! That wasn't... Jeez.

Whee! That was a sturdy hedge.

Turns out that this guy...

And I'm gonna try to not run into this green car.
Man: Jesus Cole!
H: Sorry.

Glad they take over for you as you arrive otherwise I would crash into every crime scene we went to.

And try and not do damage to the city! Or my car.

Going through a tunnel on the wrong side of the road. Particularly dangerous.

Whee! I'm such a good... Ah!

Here I come. Whee! Oh God! People run away! Oh yeah.

I am not a good driver.

Oh, there's bad words in this?

OK. What's going on here? Oho yeah!

Scuse me, pardon me. Scuse me. Why are you driving like a jerk face?

Scuse me, pardon me. Didn't mean to hurt you.

Scuse me. Oh! Not my fault. Not my fault.

Scuse me. Pardon me. Love tap.

Yeah, this is a nice looking car. It's got good, good tuning radius. Totally T-bones well.

Woop. Oh. Sorry car.

Man: Slow down!
H: Shush.

I will not crash my car a single time today. That is my new plan.

Power of my brain. OK! That wasn't really a crash 'cause I kept my forward momentum. That doesn't count.

Right past it. OK, that maybe counts as a crash.

Oh, I have destroyed the front of this car. Oh, nope. I'm not crashing, this is not, this isn't crashing.

Driving by touch. That's all.

Wah! Oh God!

Wow! That wasn't me. Oh jeez.

It's like you're supposed to drive normal speed. Who does that?

That is some sweet detective work. That was some awesome driving too by the way, just by the way if you'd noticed. Sometimes I'm really great at driving.