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This got 11M views on TikTok?!?!? #shorts
TikTok lady: Your own bone marrow and fertilize your own egg and have a kid with yourself?

Hank: This has been turning my mind into a goddamn pretzel.  The idea is if you could take somebody's stem cells, turn them into a sperm, and then use that to fertilize an egg, then maybe you could have a lesbian couple that could have a baby together with their co-mingled DNA, but if you can do that, could you do it to yourself?  And if you could, that baby would be what exactly?  Would it be a clone?  No, actually, it wouldn't.  I've done some math.  It would be way worse than that.  

Seems like it would be a clone, right, because it's the only genetic material would be the parent's material, but the way gametes work is that they swap a bunch of DNA before they get made into gametes that have like, half of the amount of genetic information of all the rest of your cells in your body.

So in this thought experiment, the child would have only DNA from their parent, but they wouldn't have all of the DNA from their parent, they'd have 25% fewer total genes.  50% of the genes would be the same copy on each chromosome.