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In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank has trouble saying the words and posits a world in which he can be hypnotized to forget things just so he can enjoy them all over again.

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CC Kids:

Hank: Okay, I'm not a licensed dog trainer. Do they license dog trainers? Whatever, but I can brea-[laughter]

Off screen voice: Aw, that was so good too!

[More laughter]

Off screen voice: That was so real.


Hank: Though, not with the actual sleeping park- park?

Were his patients just gullible idiots or were thhrwwr

Except for your eyes, you're dreaming big dreams and likely feeling- you're dreaming big br-dreams, basically, you're all hot and bothered, I digitsba hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm.

Even if you've never taken an illicit drug or been to a cheesy dinner theater where the main gah arh gah.

If you had something traumatic happen to you, you may have dragahbrgbrgr.

Have I ever told you about my dream to have someone hypnotize me to think I've never seen Star Wars before so I can watch it again for the first time?

Off screen voice: I think that's a bad idea.

Hank: [Laughing] Do you think I... I'd be like "this movie sucks."

Off screen voice: This is terrible.

Hank: [Chuckling] 3-PO!


Instead, he had discovered the sleep stage we now call REM or "rabid eye movement."

Off screen voice: Did you hear "rabid?"

Other off screen voice: Yeah, I heard "rabid."

Hank: Rabid eye movement? [growling]

Off screen voice: It's similar!

Hank: Pbrrbrbrbrbrbr

Immediately transitioned to the irregular [expletive].

Hhnn hhn

Okay I have a burp here... come on out!

Off screen voice: Get it out. Burp burp. Get it out.

Hank: He designed the famous operant chamber or Skinner box a pha

What? Did anyone else understand that?

And this is all interesting and weird and sometimes a little gross but that's what [blabbering]

But if brain wave readings show us anything its that there's a lot going on in your brain when you dream, and the physiological function theory suggests that dreaming may promote neural development and preserve neural pathways by...

And the physiological function theory suggests that dreaming may promote neural development and preserve neural pathways...

This is similar to the theory that dreams are pot of, pot, pot of, pot of cognitive...

By this model dreams draw on our understanding of .... ah nnnnnggg nggggg nnnnggg..

When German physician Franz Mesmer started all manner of ... [in comprehensible jabber] ... too fast.

During which, he claimed to align their internal magnetic... fler hee har .....

In addition to his magnetic quackery, other physicians didn't appreciate Mesmer's kitschy penchant [terrible French accent] [laughter]... penchant... I should probably just say penchant.

This camp suggests that like actors caught up in an intense.. inanin inanintense... inanin inanin inanin... inananananananan... in an intense role... inanin inaninaninaninananinaninaninan.... inanin.  Like actors caught up in an intense role of...

We'll be talking about memory in an upcoming lesson [blows raspberry]

Ach.. Aclini... A clinician... Clinician is a terrible word.  A clinicia... Argh! [Laughter]

We don't file away ever single one of our... [fumble] [laughter]

[Singing, off screen laughter] exactly what you'd ess.. esspect... [off screen laughter]

...complex world of enqwuiwwy... enqwuiwwy... [laughter]

During his famous coke years in the late twenties and thirties he bl- I skipped a thing! Skipped a thing [off screen laughter]

...just goes to show that whether you're a psychologist, a neuroscientist, or a philosopher, how our various states of consciousness provide a rich, complex world of inquiry to contemplate, showing yet again what a ma-- hen ha mh mh mh mh mh...

We're all continually reinforcing, shaping, and refining each other's behaviors both internally, intentionally, and accidentally, and externally... all of th-- [laughter]

A perplexing period... [off screen laughter]

..observabubble behavior... [laughter] ... babble... [laughter] ... words are weird.

In everyday life we're all continually reinforcing, shaping, and refining eachother's behaviors, both intentionally and accidentally.  We do this with both poth-itive... [offscreen laughter] ... poth-itive...

Nor is hypnosis a relia- relia- reliabl- blah- [laughter]

And some people are just better at this than others which is essentially what bleeing blagh [noises] [expletive]

The resulting withdra-aghl... aghl... the resulting withdrahhhhhhl [laughter]

He didn't study human stomachs, though, 'cause of the dis.. the.. the... the procedures were terrible ... and and cruel ... [laughter] ... if you're wondering why.

Our various states of consciousness provid-- eughhh.

The research that's gone into how ... [burp] ... [disgusted off screen noises] ... yeah I can hear it in my mouth [laughter] ... just try'na make you quit.

[outro music]

It's gonna be good ... it's gonna be good when I get it.