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Pre-order our book YOU ARE AN ARTIST (which includes new assignments!) here: It's been a year since Fritz Haeg asked us to make a rug, and you all delivered! We received so many responses to this assignment and it's been incredible watching your rugs grow over the last 12 months. Fritz intended this process to be ongoing, so keep adding to your rugs as you wear out more clothes!

If you're planning on attending Vidcon, we will be making a rug together at the PBS Digital booth! So bring your old tshirts with you to Anaheim.

Watch the original Make a Rug assignment:

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So I have decided to do Art Assignment #10

This week's art assignment is to make a rug using fabric from discarded materials.

Old clothes and towels and t shirts and clothes...

I'm watching the video right now, and then I am gonna start workin on stuff. It's gonna be fun.

This is how far I've gotten. Slow-going, but it's gonna turn out nicely.

I think I did something rug rather looks like a bowl. I don't know.

The least attractive-looking rug out of everyone who's done this art assignment. I still have a lot of plastic bags left.

I finished! Well except that little bit in the corner there.

This is kind of uncomfortable so I don;t think I'll be sleeping on it anytime soon, but, yup! There is my rug. 

So yeah! I made this rug.

This is one that I thought I wouldn't be able to do. As it turned out, I managed to figure it out!