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Hi there, if you live abroad and want  to vote in the 2022 midterm elections   there are three steps you need to take.

Register,  request your ballot, and of course, vote.   Lets start with getting registered. If you’re a  military member or overseas citizen, you’ll need   to fill out the Federal Post Card Application.  There’s a link at where you can select   your home state of residence that you want to  vote in, fill out a form, print it, and then mail   it to your home state’s election officials.

That  link will also have dates and deadlines for every   state, but they recommend that you register  by August 1st or as early as possible.   Then it’s time to get your ballot and vote. The Federal Post Card Application allows you to   request a ballot by mail, fax, or even email, so  choose the delivery method that’s most convenient   for you. Once you get your ballot, you’ll need to  fill it out or print it out and mail it back in.   The recommended deadline to send that ballot back  is October 13th if you live outside the US, or   October 5th if you’re at sea, to give your ballot  enough time to make it back to your state.   There’s also a link to track your ballot so you  can follow its progress to you and back to your   election official at (which stands  for Federal Voting Assistance Program.)   You don’t have to vote for everything for  your ballot to count, but this is your best   chance to choose who gets to make decisions  about your life: all the way from congress   to your city council or school board.

If you’ve got any other questions about voting,   you can also watch the video we made for your  home state to get more info on your state’s   specific absentee voting deadlines, and how to  contact your local election officials.   Again you can find everything you need  to register, request, and track your mail   ballot at Thank you for voting!