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Good morning. Hello and good morning. And if you're watching this, which I don't know if any of you are, welcome back to the John Green hosted portion of the 2011 Project For Awesome Live Stream. Yay! Sorry that I look like hell. I didn't sleep much. But I'm here, if anyone's watching. It's okay. I'm gonna go share this URL with the people. Oh, hi! You're watching! Great! Oh, Alex is still on? Hold on, I gotta work out what's going on. We're currently doing simultaneous livestreams. (John snorts) It's like we're crossing streams. I know I'm live streaming. In Ghostbusters, a movie none of you have ever seen. But yes, good morning, Europeans, Asians, Africans, Australians, and those of you with children because I assume no one else is up right now. Um, okay. (John burps) I think Alex is of- Alex is done. Um, so everybody is coming here now! Wasn't Alex amazing? Let me just tell you something really quickly before we go on to the next video. Um, I just want to say that Alex's song, "Forever Yours," is currently available on iTunes. There are like eight different- or twelve different remixes for it. It's- all the proceeds go to charity. It's an amazing story. It's an amazing song. And wouldn't it be awesome if this guy, who doesn't have, like, the support of a big record label like Lady Gaga or whatever, you know, doesn't have any of that stuff. Wouldn't it be amazing if that song went to Number 1 on iTunes? Well, it almost already has! Because it's currently, like, Number 6 on iTunes. So, if you haven't gotten Forever Yours, it's a dollar well spent, I promise. I can tell you that because I own it. I also own like seven remixes. Um, um, we really need to- I think it would be amazing if during the Project For Awesome, and I know I've got this hair thing, I think it'd be amazing if during the Project for Awesome, we got, um, we got Forever Yours to Number 1 on the list. Um, yeah. So do that. (John snorts) Okay, so, uh, good morning. I was just giving you time right now to, um, to go buy Alex's song on iTunes. But we have- John you're so still and quiet compared to Alex. I know Alex is- Look, it's okay. Alex is- you know he's got a lot of energy, he's a young, handsome lad. I'm gonna be a step down, let's face it. Yes, I am wearing yesterdays shirt. It's been a long night so I'm tired. Alright, okay. Okay, okay. I'm not gonna be frozen. Gonna be moving. I'm up, I'm awake, okay. We're gonna do a video. We're gonna go- now I'm frozen. That showing up on everybody's screen or just mine? Now I'm frozen. Alright, um. I gotta tweet this link and then we're gonna do a video. Okay, I'm not frozen. Alright, tweet the link, do a video. Tweet the link, do a video.  Alright, I'm sorry. I'm still waking up you gotta give me a second here. Just give me one second to just be awake and happy. Alright, I gotta get my headphones. I mean, I'm not ready at all. 

Alright. Oh. Okay. Um, alright. So thanks for um... thanks to everyone for being a big part of the project for awesome. Thanks for raising a thousand dollars in thirty minutes, that was pretty insane! Do you guys remember a few minutes ago when you raised a thousand dollars in thirty minutes? We're currently at $47,767. I want to get to 50,000 before I leave at 10 o'clock in the morning which is in two hours and forty four minutes from now. I need you, in the comments of the new video, to tell me what we, what I need to do for you to motivate you to do that, to raise that $2744 or whatever it is.

We're going to do a video from long time nerdfighter RustedBusker right now, and I'm going to put it in the livestream. So if you're new to the livestream, let me tell you what goes on. If you look in the little doobly doo for the livestream, the video info. And yes, I know about my hair - there's nothing I can do about this guy! It's like I'm punk rock, but only back here!

I'm going to, essentially, there's going to be... Alright, so essentially, if you hit refresh there's a note that says "rate, share and comment" with a link to a video by long time nerdfighter, RustedBusker and um, it's about 'This Star Won't Go Out' which is very dear to my heart for reasons that I'll talk about if i can find my headphones! Oh, are they in my pants? Sometimes, I put them in my pants. The zipper's not even zipped! Oh! (Toys squeak out a tune).

Alright, everybody, everybody, I'm not reading the livestream comments so don't comment there. Comment on the video. Let's go and watch the video together now.

(John speaks off screen) You go watch it. I'll--[toy makes noise] Bye h--bye Sing-a-ma-jig. I'll go look for my headphones.

Oh, I was sitting on them!