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In which Hank discusses the controversy around Orson Scott Card and how that makes him feel about the books that he loves.
Orson Scott Card wrote some of our favorite books of all time. I think they are filled with empathy and beauty and power and wisdom. They're inspiring, they're careful creations, they emphasize with demons like-it's quality stuff. Like, I-it affected me a lot as a young person. I think that you should read his books if you haven't. But he's freaking crazy and just a dick, just a dick. He's a dick. He's a vocal critic of same-sex marriage. He has advocated the outlawing of homosexuality. I-maybe I think you should pirate his books. Let's change that. He seems to actually think that the government is out to get him or his culture or something. Now this is gotta be a significant deal because he is gonna write a Superman, on the issue of Superman - like a Superman comic for DC - and comic stores said that they wouldn't carry it. Because his crazy has gotten out of hand, and the artist who was working on the project said that the art - he didn't want to work on it either. So yeah, now DC has put the project on hold. And so y-yes. And I want to make the point that none of this changes the way I feel about his novels. If the stuff he creates is good, then I'm glad he exists because how he feels about the world and all the venomous stuff he might spew doesn't affect the world as much as his work, which is not, for the most part - some of the more recent stuff is - but it's mostly filled with positive messages and interesting ideas and a kind of wisdom. But maybe to create the stuff he created, he had to be a little bit nuts. And do I feel bad about giving him money for books? Kind of. I wouldn't support a kick-starter campaign if he was starting. I wish he was great. I wish he was Neil Gaiman or John Green or Maureen Johnson and I could love the artist along with the art. But that doesn't always happen. And do I want to go see the Ender's Game movie? Probably not. I mean it has complicated my relationship with his work. I am not - you know you want to be a fan of the person who creates these things and you can't be a fan of Orson Scott Card because he's crazy. I dunno. I don't want to pay for Orson Scott Card's stuff. And, probably, if I owned a comic shop, I wouldn't want to stock his comic books either. But with the existing work that I appreciated before I knew what kind of dude he was... (he shrugs) I'm gonna keep loving it. I don't think that makes me a bad person, but you're welcome to disagree. Thanks for watching. Good bye. The last part of the video (2:33) on is a black screen with no audio.