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In which John travels long and hard to visit with reigning National Book Award winner M. T. Anderson in Boston.


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Good Morning Hank it's... Good Morning Hank it's Monday. And when I say "Good Morning" I mean... "ohhhhhh! It's five O'clock in the morning and I'm miserable!

As you can tell from the speckled grey background, I'm in the Indianapolis airport, and Hank as you no doubt recall the one thing that I really like about the Indianapolis airport is its pretzels.

But I got here to early, and the pretzel stand isn't even open yet. I'm a cranky Franky.

I hate you five O'clock Monday morning. I hate you.

But Hank, as unhappy as I am, I'm not nearly as unhappy as the Yeti's going to be when she wakes up and learns that this morning, at four O'clock when I was packing to get ready to come here, I accidentally put her car key in my pocket.

Hank, why did I do that, seriously?

Honestly Hank, I hope you don't take this personally, but I don't want to talk to you right now.

Hank, as you can tell by the slightly different speckled grey background behind me, I am no longer in Indianapolis. I am now in Atlanta.

I seriously cannot believe that I left Sarah in Indianapolis without her car. That's a terrible thing to do to a person, Hank. It's a terrible thing to do to a person you love.

Wow Hank! That footage was shot by a guy who was incredibly depressed! Now I'm in a much better mood!

Hank, I flew to Boston today to hang out with M.T. Anderson and work with him on this little project that we're doing.

It was really fun Hank, and it totally made my day, although, as days go, this was an easy one to make.

Plus, then he wanted to give you and the Nerdfighters a personal guide to the art in his living room.

"Hank, John's asked me to say something. Uhh... All I really have to say, uhh, is about my artwork, hanging on the wall of my apartment here. Ummm, uh, here we have the Young Lovers. Umm. Here we have some, uh, young body parasites, and there we have the Central Nervous System. Umm, the idea being of course, that umm, you should remember, as you sit there nestled with your loved ones, that all of these things are still living on you and, love may be found within you, but it is also found very much your mouth and your eyebrows. There's loving going on all over your body. It's a beautiful thing, Hank."

And then I got to my hotel, and I have to say Hank, after a really long day, this hotel makes me incredibly happy. It's a hotel on the campus of MIT and the elevators are all like "This is the future." And the comforters have mathematical equations on them. And the chairs appear to be made out of atoms.

Of course I suppose that one could argue that all chairs are made out of atoms.

Hank, I hope that They Might Be Giants was They Might Be Awesome, and I'll see you tomorrow.