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Hello.  It's very cold in my office and I have an announcement.  As of today, as of this moment, the cover for my new book is a thing that you can look at and witness in the real world.  I'm holding a version of it that isn't the final version.  It will actually look better than this.  It will have a spot gloss, maybe, some embossing, who knows?  But this is the prop version that I have to show you.  You can see it here, also and here, and this one, and other versions.  Thanks to the people at Dutton for making those for me.  I'm just, I'm very happy.  We're--I'm finishing up this book.  It's a lot of work still.  July 7th is a ways away, thank goodness, 'cause I do have some stuff to do on it, but you can pre-order it now.  Go to or there's links in the description, and that's all I wanted to say.  I think it's beautiful.  Thank you to (?~0:52) for the lovely design and I hope that you also like it.  Now I have to go write a poem for SciShow Tangents.